BearingPoint and JAGGAER help Dumarey digitise procurement

30 April 2024 3 min. read

BearingPoint and JAGGAER are supporting automotive solutions firm Dumarey Group to improve its procurement system. The consultants will help accelerate Dumarey’s digital transformation through efficiency in supplier management.

"The Dumarey Group is undergoing a corporate renewal pursuing the principles of sustainability and governance. In line with the group, the Supplier Management department, with the collaboration of BearingPoint and JAGGAER, has implemented a tool that allows us to achieve our goals of digitisation, compliance, and governance. Thanks to this improvement, we can more efficiently involve our Supply Base, with whom we work daily to pursue these goals," stated Francesco Reynaldi, head of supplier management for Dumarey in Turin.

Founded in 1983, the Dumarey Group is an independent supplier for the development, integration and manufacture of competitive powertrain solutions. The group employs 1,750 people at five sites across Europe and Asia, with an annual turnover of more than €650 million euros.

Dumarey Group teams up with BearingPoint for supplier management

With over 2,500 suppliers in more than 40 countries and an exponentially growing turnover in the space of a few years, the Dumarey Group is faced with the need to boost its procurement systems, amid continued supply chain disruptions around the world. To do this, the group is working to adopt an innovative and cutting-edge digital procurement system, and to streamline the internal exchange of information with suppliers, improve data accuracy, certifications, and compliance with regulations in every single process – standardising processes between the sites in Turin, Pisa, Strasbourg, and Bouthéon.

To meet these objectives, Dumarey, called on the support of European consultancy BearingPoint and B2B commerce companyJAGGAER

. With deep expertise in developing agile strategies and solutions in response to changing objectives and priorities, BearingPoint's sourcing and procurement team has supported Dumarey in defining the procurement and supplier quality digitisation path to streamline and innovate supplier management processes. At the same time, the functionality and flexibility of JAGGAER's solutions and its proven experience in the manufacturing and automotive sectors made it the ideal technology partner.

"We are thrilled to have been able to support Dumarey Group on its journey towards streamlining its supply chain" said Nicolò Masserano, a director at BearingPoint. "Today, having a clear view of everything concerning one's suppliers is a competitive advantage in the market. It is no coincidence that more and more companies are turning to us to implement digital procurement solutions tailored to their needs, such as modernising processes, reducing costs, improving the payment process, optimising the workforce or expanding operations. In fact, digital procurement is a fast-growing market globally and is also starting to expand domestically.”

Digitisation of procurement is playing an increasingly central role in the operations of large enterprises; procurement teams themselves confirm process cost savings of over 73% and 67% faster execution when they can avail themselves of the technology they need. Thanks to its experience in the automotive and industrial manufacturing sectors and its specialisation in sourcing and procurement, BearingPoint has adopted a strategic approach, starting with an analysis of its procurement processes with a view to digitisation and specific customer needs such as, for example, the need to combine the administrative management of suppliers and their day-to-day quality reporting in a single tool.