Rankings of consulting firms in the UK

What are the best or top consulting firms in the UK? Which consulting firms have a leading reputation in the marketplace, and what are the best consulting firms to work for? As with any ranking that recognises the best in industry, the answer depends on the methodology of a ranking – how top or best is defined, who is asked to rate consulting firms and how scores are processed.

UK’s consulting industry generates over £10 billion pounds of fees per year, and there are hundreds of large, mid-sized or boutique consulting firms that serve clients across every conceivable area of service of industry. The reputation of consultancies depends on the views of key stakeholders – either clients, consultants and staff, and job seekers including experienced hires and graduates.

The large variety in areas of focus means that there are dozens of different rankings of consulting firms that can be explored. But while consulting firms continuously strive to be the best in a particular field, only a select handful of consultancies can actually claim to be a leader in their segment.

Consultancy.uk’s guide of consulting firm rankings breaks down the country's consultancies across several facets of the consultancy landscape, leveraging our unique database of more than 10 million data points per year globally and over 2 million in the UK.

An overview of Consultancy.uk’s rankings of top consulting firms: