Broadstone extends investment consultancy service for charities

11 July 2023 3 min. read
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Pension, employee benefits and investments consultancy Broadstone has broadened its proposition for non-profit organisations like charities and endowment funds. According to the firm’s charities and investment director, the firm hopes to inspire a broader shift in the market to “improve the range and scope of investment solutions available to charities.”

Rachel Titchen continued, “We will work closely with investment managers to think strategically about where their investments are directed and how to make these assets work harder. We have good relationships with managers and consultants across the industry and firmly believe collaboration is a key driver of providing better outcomes for our clients, as well as making positive changes to better align with our clients’ objectives.

Non-profit organisations manage significant pools of capital. Mission-aligned investment strategies can provide an important way for such organisations to maximise their capital – supporting causes that match their wider strategic objectives. However, with limited resources they can struggle to access the advice which can help them make the most of their assets.

Broadstone extends investment consultancy service for charities

Founded in 1989, Broadstone is home to more than 500 consultants and administrators. It advises over 1,000 clients in pensions, employee benefits and investments decisions.

Broadstone’s new proposition for the third sector will see the firm provide expert advice on strategy, cashflow and investment manager solutions covering both bespoke segregated funds as well as a wide range of pooled funds which meet the right sustainability criteria for charities. It will also help charities and non-profits to pick out the right mission-aligned investments, as a new way to meet their goals – and to bolster their wider endeavours.

Pointing to an example of how Broadstone’s support might help to do this, a release from the firm suggested that “a medical-based charity might invest in funds that are targeting greater research and development in the pharmaceuticals sector”. Alternatively, Broadstone could help an age-related charity “make investments into a social housing fund that provides care homes to the elderly.”

Speaking on the growing non-profit offering, Broadstone CEO Tony Gusmao added, “Expanding our reach and range of services in the non-profit sector reflects the breadth of Broadstone’s expertise and focus of our specialist consultants. I look forward to supporting Rachel and her team in servicing this vibrant and socially valuable corner of the investment industry.”

Consulting firms support non-profit organisations in many different ways as part of their corporate social responsibility policies. As well as offering pro bono advisory services or supporting operations, consultants often put themselves to the test with long-distance fundraising events, such as nationwide cycling tours, or even trekking through the Arctic wilderness.