Synechron opens digital innovation center in Dubai

20 October 2015

Synechron has opened a digital innovation centre in the Middle East. The new centre is based in Dubai, and acts as an innovation hub for banking and insurance clients interested in exploring state-of-the-art technologies, and tap into the potential of digital transformation.

With 5,000+ professionals operating in 16 countries across the world, Synechron is one of the globe’s larger pure-play technology and outsourcing provider for the financial services industry. The technology firm also operates a management consulting arm, built on the back of consultancies acquired over the years, including Double Effect (bought in April 2013) and Crossbridge (acquired in September 2015).

Synechron - Digital innovation center in Dubai

In response to the growing demand for digitisation from banks, insurers and other payers in the financial services arena, the company has decided to open its first dedicated digital innovation centre. The so-called ‘Synechron Digital Innovation Center’ (SDIC) will act as an innovation hub for clients globally, aimed in particular at technology-led-innovation and digital transformation. The SDIC will according to Faisal Husain, co-founder and CEO of Synechron, bring together a retail branch experience combined with several digital channels including mobile, tablet, touch walls, queue management, automation/ATM and mobile payments to fully illustrate the customer journey and an omni-channel approach.

Participants will also be able to spend a full day at the SDIC to brainstorm digital strategies and consult with experts on current trends and technologies that can impact their business. The SDIC will in addition provide a film studio facility in which innovation programmes will be filmed offering customers with the option to record and publish regular video content.

Opening of Digital innovation center in Dubai

Vimal Sethi, Managing Director of the Middle East region at Synechron, says he has high expectation of the new hub, stating: “We expect that the SDIC will be regularly visited by our banking and insurance clients, and any organisation that recognises the impact of digital transformation. With the launch of the SDIC, our customers can escape from their normal office space and be fully immersed in a creative environment with digital technologies and experts at their disposal.”

David Horton, Head of Innovation at Synechron, believes the SDIC will “inspire customers to be more creative”, with clients that leave enjoying “more energy and inspiration”.   

Commenting on the decision for Dubai as the hub’s location, Husain says “whilst we are a global organisation, we chose Dubai to launch our first Digital Innovation Center due to its central geographical location.”

Faisal Husain, David Horton, Vimal Sethi - Synechron

Looking ahead, Husain says the SDIC represents Synechron's long term commitment to innovation, yet it only marks a first step in a longer journey aimed at supporting clients in delivering “true digital transformation and innovation solutions”. He concludes by saying: “We will continue to invest heavily in this area, by hiring thought leaders and a pool of talented professionals who have worked with the latest technologies in the digital innovation space.”


US change management consultancy opens office in London

23 April 2019

One year after UK consultancy Thought Provoking Consulting invested in American change management firm Change 4 Growth, it has opened its first international office in the UK. Change 4 Growth’s new London locale will see the company look to supply organisational transformation solutions crafted over the last several years in the US to British clients.

Specialising in transformational change, American retail boutique consultancy Change 4 Growth (C4G) offers an expansive range of services. This includes organisational change management, culture alignment and engagement, leadership development, training and e-learning and recruitment of staff support. Well-known retail brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Chico’s, Eddie Bauer and Ann Taylor are already among C4G’s clients, but since receiving investment from Thought Provoking Consulting in early 2018, the company has been keen to pursue expansion of its own.

Speaking at the time of the deal, Beth Thomas, CEO of C4G, commented, "I’m so excited to be working with Thought Provoking Consulting... The move will allow us to tap into a breadth of retail expertise and help our clients find solutions that are critical in this age in areas such as pricing, promotions, planning, product development and supply chain."

US change management consultancy opens office in London

In 2019, this has seen the Ohio-headquartered consultancy announce the opening of its first international office in London. Led by UK native and Managing Director, David Lucas, the base in Britain’s capital will bring the firm’s holistic service to clients in Europe looking deal with change at every level within their organisations.

Commenting via his LinkedIn profile, Lucas said, “At a time of huge technological upheaval, the importance of organisational and cultural change, married with operational speed and agility, has never been greater. Achieving that balance between people, process and technology for the digital era is the burning platform for most organisations…The C4G team… offers a spectrum of change and re-alignment capabilities and can bring proven approaches, methodologies and solutions to support the UK market.”

In the US, C4G has been able to tap into the fact that disengagement and unhappiness at work have become an epidemic across multiple sectors, resulting in poor business performance and bottom line results. With the UK’s high streets currently faltering due to an influx of e-commerce competition, Brexit pressures, and stagnating real wages, C4G will likely also find fertile ground for its retail-focused transformation services on both sides of the Atlantic.

Remarking on the firm’s arrival ‘across the pond’, Thomas concluded, “Many of our clients are global organisations who have facilities and employees around the world, and as an avid admirer of Britain’s innovative retail community, it has long been my intention to open a C4G office in the UK… With David Lucas, who brings a proven track record of transformational change at the helm and our sister company, Thought Provoking Consulting… we’re more excited than ever to explore the synergies to be discovered in having a UK powerhouse to support not only the retail sector but all industries.”