4 consultancies recognised as Great Place to Work

04 May 2015 Consultancy.uk 3 min. read

Great Place to Work Institute has recently revealed the 2015 edition of its best employers ranking for the Netherlands. In total 42 companies have been recognised as a Great Place to Work, including four consulting firms: &samhoud, Double Effect, Lean Consultancy Group and BAS Consultancy.

Every year in thirty countries around the world, including the UK, the Great Place to Work Institute runs independent empirical examination into the perception of an organisations’ employees, thereby disclosing which organisations are a Great Place to Work. Based on several criteria (58 questions) categorised into three main domains, conclusions are drawn about the quality of employership within the organisation. The businesses with the highest scores are included in the ‘Best Employer of the Netherlands’ ranking, which is divided into three categories: large businesses and multinationals, midsized businesses and small young businesses.

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&samhoud, an organisation change consultancy with offices in the Netherlands, Malaysia and Switzerland, came on top of the 'Medium-Sized Enterprises’ ranking. A new milestone for the firm – &samhoud won the prize three times in the past, and participated in this year’s competition following an absence of five years. According to Salem Samhoud, founder and Managing Partner of the Utrecht-headquartered consultancy, the firm’s renewed success is based on its continuous attention to human capital-related matters: “At the end of the line it all comes down to people,” he says.

Double Effect, a financial services consulting firm with offices in five countries, including the UK, ranks 10th on the list. In response to the recognition Pablo van den Bosch, co-founder and Managing Director of Double Effect, remarks: “The secret of our success as employer is located in our core values, which affects every aspect of the daily operation of Double Effect. Because we are active within the consulting sector people are our most important ‘assets’. All our consultants are professionals and we affix considerable worth in that. Double Effect therefore offers them professional challenges and stimulates teambuilding and social cohesion.”

&samhoud, Double Effect, Lean Consultancy Group and BAS Consultancy

BAS Consultancy, an interim expert with a focus on the finance professionals, ranks 13th on the list.

The fourth consultancy recognised as a Great Place to Work is Lean Consultancy Group, a specialist in the area of Lean, SixSigma en process management. The firms leads the pack in the ‘Small & Young Enterprises’ category, displacing chocolate retailer Tony’s Chocolonely, last year’s number one. Martijn van Laak, co-founder of Lean Consultancy Group, comments: “We believe that work is more than just , but a source of inspiration. That makes the culture of LCG so special. Employees inspire each other through their passion and energy, their unique contribution, and the drive to develop themselves and sharing those with their colleagues.”