&samhoud joins forces with serious gaming expert

28 January 2015 Consultancy.uk

Consulting firm &samhoud has taken a 50% stake in Ranj, a specialist in applied gaming. As part of the capability sharing, the Rotterdam based Ranj will change their name to &ranj.

Ranj names itself a global pioneer in applied gaming and gamification. The firm employs around 30 people across its offices in Rotterdam, Hamburg and Minneapolis, servicing global corporate clients (including Philips, Shell and Heineken) as well medical clients. Ranj aims at developing specialist videogames for managers, with the aim of changing human behaviour.

&samhoud was originally founded as a consultancy firm, although the firm has expanded its practice from its base in management consulting to among others media, hospitality and food. The firm employs 150 people across the globe, with offices in the Netherlands, Malaysia, Germany and Switzerland.


Gamification – the application of gaming techniques for the realisation and embedment of positive behavioural changes – has been growing as a trend in management consulting over the past years. In 2013 Consultancy.uk wrote about gamification in a report from Capgemini Consulting, in which the firm claimed that gamification would become a mega trend; the worldwide appetite for gamification rapidly increasing according to Gartner, the market in 2016 will be with $2.8 billion, up considerably from ‘just’ $242 million in 2012. The key growth driver: the new generation is reading less and less, and is increasingly learning through the medium of games, even at management level.

To capitalise on the growth potential, &samhoud has decided to take a 50% stake in Ranj. With the move, &samhoud aims at bundle its competencies in HR, leadership and transformation with Ranj’s expertise in gaming and digital tools, to jointly give form to one of the biggest challenges of around: digital transformation. “People are becoming increasingly self-aware, are taking more risks, and are learning faster. We’re taking advantage of that by inspiring and connecting people: with our people oriented approach to cultural change, through online media and gamification. Together with &ranj we are endeavouring to create further connections with organisations and wider societ”, says Salem Samhoud, founder of &samhoud.

The Shell Game

As part of the deal the partners decided to rename Ranj to &ranj, to reflect the wider branding of labels within &samhoud’s network. The partners are straight to work; working together to deliver an innovative health game for a Greek health insurer. In the long term, &samhoud and &ranj see a wealth of opportunities together, among others, in the arena of leadership, process management, recruitment, and in strategy. Games are, according to &samhoud, here to stay in education, in candidate assessment but also in the process of thinking through situation and the improvement of collaboration between suppliers and clients.


Royal HaskoningDHV buys UK firm to boost digital flood services

25 April 2019 Consultancy.uk

Royal HaskoningDHV has acquired Ambiental to accelerate its growth of flood-related digital services. The UK-based professional services firm is a provider of actionable intelligence from data, which can be used to help protect people, property and capital from flooding and climate change.

In recent years the UK has been routinely stricken by flooding, with former forests and wetlands across the country having become susceptible to flooding, with few measures to soak up ground-water from heavy rainfall. Notably, 2007 floods along the River Don caused major social and economic damage to Lower Don Valley, while elsewhere in the UK, winter floods in 2013/2014 affected thousands, and killed 17. The following winter also saw considerable flooding across the UK from Storm Desmond, Storm Eva and Storm Frank, among other heavy storms, costing the nation billions of pounds in the process.

With a growing number of other incidences spread across the country, professional services firms are increasingly being tapped to help deal with flooding in the future. Founded three years ago, Ambiental Environmental Assessment was created to support the growing UK development industry with its flood risk assessment needs. Since then, it has worked on over 3,000 projects, including supporting the redevelopment of St Paul’s School, Richmond (EIA project), National Rail developments, gas-fed electricity generator compounds, solar farms, and the housing developments of over 400 properties.

Royal HaskoningDHV buys UK firm to boost digital flood services

In 2018 alone, natural disaster events across the world led to economic damage of $225 billion. With demand for flood risk assessment remaining high, Ambiental quickly attracted the attention of larger consultancies for acquisition. As a result, Royal HaskoningDHV has announced a deal to purchase Ambiental. The deal strengthens the Dutch consultancy's position in the insurance market, providing clients with data-driven software and services that complement its extensive engineering and advisory knowledge. The acquisition also enhances the firm’s flood resilience and environmental consultancy profile in the UK.

Ambiental, meanwhile, will considerably enhance its global presence and footprint with the deal. As a result, Ambiental hopes its combined unique data analytics, human resources and engineering expertise will allow it to improve its product offering and associated customer support. It will also mean the firm can further develop and scale its solutions in data products, software and associated services for improved risk pricing, risk selection, accumulation control, actionable intelligence and portfolio modelling.

Commenting on the deal, Royal HaskoningDHV CEO Erik Oostwegel said, “We are excited to welcome the Ambiental team with their high-precision, productised analytics and data solutions. Together we can help our clients to better understand and reduce risks from flooding and other natural hazards using digital services and market-leading intelligence. Ensuring that money spent on flood risk modelling and management delivers the greatest possible impact on communities, corporates and infrastructure.”

Ambiental CEO, Justin Butler, added, “Ambiental is very pleased to be joining Royal HaskoningDHV. We deliver many complementary solutions, and together with Royal HaskoningDHV and their new partners, we will be able to offer even more compelling value propositions, and broader solutions using predictive analytics, data science, machine learning and computational risk modelling to an expanding global customer base.”