Hymans Robertson boosts take up of cancer care

27 March 2015 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read

Hymans Robertson's move to launch a cancer screening programme is increasingly proving a popular decision. Since the programme's launch last year, part of a wider set of wellbeing offerings, 6% of its 750 employees have made use of the scheme.

In 2014 consulting firm Hymans Robertson launched a cancer screening programme as part of its wider flexible benefits offering, after the need was discovered among its staff. “It is very real for us. We have had a number of employees who have unfortunately had cancer. We wanted, and were keen, to add the benefit as part of flex and our wellbeing offering,” explains Steve Moore, Head of HR at Hymans Robertson. “It showed to our employees of all levels that we care. It is a great benefit and we have had good value from it.”

Hymans Robertson - Cancer care

So far around 6% of the firm’s 750 staff have taken up the offer and taken the test. “For a first time benefit the take up was more than expected in the business, [which] has shown that it has been valued by employees,” says Moore. “This year we will look to build on that. We already do a lot of communications around this and we will continue to do so.” The aim now of the organisation is to improve the uptake of the test by raising awareness of cancer risks and by communicating the availability of the offer to its staff.

Wellbeing offering
The introduction of cancer testing is part of the firm’s wider benefit offering, which also includes private medical insurance for staff and their families, dental insurance as well as health screening options. The firm has also introduced a ‘birthday leave’ programme to show its commitment to being a ‘people-centred’ workplace. Moore comments: “It is a very personal touch just like the cancer care programme. We do not add it to annual leave or roll the day over, it is about the here and now and give employees a two-week window to take a day off for their birthday,” comments Moore.

“It is about making an organisation for people that [feels like] it is the best job they have ever had. These benefits and being a part of the Sunday Times’ ‘Best 100 Companies to Work For’ goes someway to showcasing that.”