Consultants of Q5 Partners raise £12,000 for mental health charity MQ

22 June 2015 2 min. read
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To support mental health research in the UK, Q5 Partners' personnel took part in the Windsor triathlon. The consultancy raised more than £12,000 for the charity through its CSR efforts.

MQ: Transforming Mental Health is a UK-based mental health focused charity. The charity, which was founded in 2013 with funding from the Welcome Trust, leverages funds from the public to perform fundamental research into mental health conditions, as well as strategies for diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The charity has a global scope, with its research crossing cultural and socio-economic barriers.

Mental health issues remain a key issue for individuals and societies, with almost a quarter of UK inhabitants currently living with at least one condition. The focus on research aims to address the relative imbalance in the level of those affected by mental illness and the level of total funding going towards addressing the issue within wider society (6% of the total health research funding in the UK).

In terms of the numbers, severe mental illness knocks between 15-20 years of the life expectancy of the afflicted, with total social costs on a yearly basis estimated at £105 billion – while research funding for the disorder stands at just over 1% at £115 million per year.

Q5 Partners, a UK-base organisational change consultancy firm based in London, supported MQ through a sponsorship programme for the Windsor triathlon. The consulting firm managed to raise more than £12,000 for the charity – 27 Q5'ers successfully completed the triathlon.

A spokesperson from the firm comments, “We are delighted with the performance as part of our commitment to supporting MQ. It was a great event, and we are especially grateful to everyone for their encouragement and donations which help us raise over £12,000 for the charity.”