Q5 consultants compete in Windsor Triathlon for MQ

12 June 2015 Consultancy.uk

In a move to build awareness for mental health and raise funds for MQ, 25+ advisors from Q5 will next week Sunday take part in the Windsor Triathlon. The consultants have over the past months demonstrated dedication and commitment in their training, and if all goes according to plan they will at the end of the day be able to provide the charitable organisation more than £8 thousand in funds.

Next Sunday, on the 14th June, the Windsor Triathlon takes place, one of the most popular Olympic distance triathlons in the UK. The 2015 edition is set to be the largest Windsor Triathlon yet, with a record number of contestants, from novices to seasoned triathletes, lined up for the race. This year’s highlights include a ‘race with the stars’ wave, giving age-groupers the chance to compete with top athletes including Emma Pallant and Stuart Hayes.

Windsor Triathlon

One of the teams taking part in the Windsor Triathlon is Q5, an organisation change consultancy based in London. As part of the firm’s endeavour to tackle the 53.5 km course, 25+ of its staff members (the business advisory has approximately 30 employees in the UK) will swim against the raging Thames currents, cycle over the mountainous Berkshire roads and run through the fields of Windsor Great Park. The consultants will partake both individually and as part of relay teams, with different people taking on different legs.

The consultants of Q5 will compete in support of MQ: Transforming Mental Health, a mental health research charity. Mental health affects 1 in 4 people each year in the UK, yet recent analysis reveals that public awareness on the issue is low, with the result that funding lags other charitable areas. Figures reveal for instance that for every £1 spent by the Government on mental health research, the general public donates just 0.3 pence. The equivalent for cancer is £2.75. “People don't like to talk about mental health, and because of this, many people lack the treatment and support they need. This is particularly true in the workplace, where the issue remains one of the biggest taboos. MQ's research should help to transform understanding, attitudes and treatment and deliver real change for people with mental illness. Tackling the Windsor triathlon, to raise awareness and sponsorship for MQ, is the least Q5 could do”, comments Olly Purnell, Managing Partner at Q5.

So far the advisors have raised over £8 thousand, with Sharon Rice-Oxley (one of Q5’s three founding partners), David Holme (Associate), Jim Dobel (Consultant), Chris Parsons (another founding partner) and Thomas Leary (Associate Partner) taking the financial lead. Not surprisingly MQ, which has a long standing relationship with Q5, says it is “so grateful” for all the consultancy’s efforts, a move which will “hopefully inspire others to support our vital work”.

Funding transition
A recent survey from Baker Tilly highlights the increasing funding pressures charities in the UK are facing. In general government funding is on the decline, and for those charities that have the right strategy and plan in place, corporate and individual donations are on the rise.


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Travel firm hosts consultancy marathon to raise money for charity

19 March 2019 Consultancy.uk

A communications consultancy has announced it will perform a ‘consulting marathon’ to raise money for a charity based in Africa. SEO Travel will offer a 12-hour consulting surgery to as many small travel businesses as possible, while raising money for the cause.

SEO Travel has been helping travel companies improve their online presence since 2011. The firm works with a wide range of global travel brands who it helps develop brand visibility online through SEO, social media, PR and other techniques. Based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, the firm works to create engaging campaigns that increase brand awareness and drive more business and sales in a sustainable way.

The professional services firm has announced that as of the 21st of March, it will be offering these services to small travel businesses as part of a charity fundraising drive. The session will last 12 hours straight, and offers the chance for a 30-minute session, which travel companies can sign up for at the SEO Travel website. The marathon session will help small travel businesses which wouldn’t usually be able to afford a respectable and trustworthy agency’s advice.

Travel firm hosts consultancy marathon to raise money for charity

As well as helping small businesses, the event is also being used as an opportunity to raise money for charity, with SEO Travel donating to Tanzanian safari charity ‘Care with a View’ for each person that signs up, as well as asking businesses taking part to make a small donation of £10 themselves. The event will run from 8am to 8pm UK and is open to anyone around the world.

It will run by SEO Travel founder Tom McLoughlin, bringing more than 10 years of experience to the table. He explained, “I’ve got the team here on standby to order pizzas and bring me Tangfastics on demand throughout the day!”

According to Mcloughlin, while there is a lot of marketing advice on the internet, the volume of information is so high that it's impossible for small firms to tell what will help and what will hurt their company. He concluded, “With the ‘Charity Travel Marketingathon Bonanza’ we want to take away the part of not knowing so these businesses can go away with clear, actionable tactics that will help grow their business.”

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