Four procurement consulting firms launch The Global Sourcing Alliance

17 August 2016 1 min. read

Four procurement-consultancy firms from Europe, North America and Asia have joined forces to create a new partnership: The Global Sourcing Alliance. Each of the co-founders will continue to serve their local respective markets, but will for international engagements cooperate and operate under The Global Sourcing Alliance brand.

Founders of The Global Sourcing Alliance are Adjust Consulting (Amstelveen, the Netherlands), SourcingOnDemand (München, Germany), Paladin Associates (Atlanta, USA) and Tactica (Hong Kong). According to the four consultancies, the procurement and supply chain landscape is becoming increasingly global, with local organisations more prone to look beyond their country’s border to satisfy their managerial and operational needs. As a result, procurement professionals too are growingly looking for cross-border services, in turn bolstering demand for international third party expertise and support.The Sourcing AllianceThrough the joining of forces, the founders expect to gain a better understanding of international dynamics and price differences between markets (e.g. prices per spend category). The alliance is, in addition, set to provide them with the possibility to exchange knowledge, tools and best practices, as well as added capacities to better support (international) tender requests. Down the line the collaboration will lead to “better service and results for clients”, says a spokesperson of The Global Sourcing Alliance. “The Global Sourcing Alliance believes that in depth local knowledge combined with a global view are the ingredients to excel.”

Among the offerings that the founders have a track record in are procurement strategy, (e)sourcing, spend analysis, leveraged purchase agreements, co-sourcing, cost reductions, RFQ development, contract management, change management and audit and recovery services.