Booz consultants establish boutique Lavery Pennell

30 December 2011 2 min. read

Nick Pennell and Greg Lavery, consultants at Booz & Company, have left the firm to start their own boutique consulting firm focused on business strategy and sustainability: Lavery Pennell. Despite the consultants leaving the firm to a “competitor”, Booz & Company and Lavery Pennell have agreed to work closely together.

According to the founders, Lavery Pennell's key service will be to show businesses how to increase profitability through sustainable solutions. “Many companies are still treating sustainability as a compliance or efficiency exercise. Instead we have worked with companies to help them to design sustainability strategies that unlock new value - decreasing costs, increasing revenues, improving brand perception and reducing risks,” thus Pennell and Lavery.

Lavery Pennell

Experience in sustainability

The founders Nick Pennell and Greg Lavery have more than 40 years of commercial and technical experience. Pennell was a partner at Booz & Company UK and worked for more than 15 years at Booz & Co. and its predecessor Booz Allen Hamilton. Until recently, Lavery led the Australian and South-East Asian branch of the team. Before joining Booz & Company, Lavery worked e.g. for Arup Consulting (5 years) and Bain & Company (3.5 years). He joined Booz & Co. in October 2006 and worked for 5 years for the strategy consulting firm. Pennell led the global Low Carbon and Sustainability team of Booz & Company.

“In our strategy consulting and corporate experience we have consistently found new value in even the toughest challenges that businesses face, including greenhouse gas emission targets and consumer scrutiny. These areas of new value improve profitability, reduce risk and provide competitive advantage for companies, while achieving better outcomes for society and the environment,” Pennell, executive chairman, said.

Target sectors

Lavery Pennell will initially target larger players in the energy, manufacturing, transport and logistics and private equity sectors. “In these sectors, profitable sustainability will provide the greatest value and our skills and experience primarily lie in these sectors”, explained Lavery.