MPS hires CSC to deliver a range of technology solutions

25 March 2016 3 min. read

The UK Metropolitan Police Service has hired CSC to deliver a range of device based technology solutions as part of the force's capability enhancement and cost reduction procedures. The contract sees CSC deliver a flexible means of accessing secure information and applications across a range of devices.

The UK Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) operates over an area of 620 square miles and a population of 7.2 million. The force was first established in 1829 and today has more than 31,000 officers together with about 13,000 police staff and 2,600 Police Community Support Officers. During its almost 200 year existence, the MPS has gone through a number of changes; gone are the days of chasing crooks by lantern- and gas-light, although the crooks have remained.

In a new wave of change, digital tools are slated to add additional capabilities to the MPS’s crook catching arsenal. As part of the development of its technology capabilities, the MPS launched its Total Technology Programme – Infrastructure (TTPi). The programme saw the MPS opt for a multi-supplier Service Integration and Management (SIAM) model. Whereby, different service providers deliver core IT services to the MPS, with a flexible ICT infrastructure to transform operations within the organisation.  

MPS hires CSC to deliver a range of technology solutions

The latest to join the Police’s ranks is CSC. The firm has been called in to modernise the MPS’s current end user IT services through the implementation of CSC’s MyWorkstyle. The service offers MPS staff a flexible means of accessing secure information and applications across a range of devices, and from a range of locations. Specific services included in CSC’s contract to the MPS are desktop, virtual desktop, mobility, tablet services, email, collaboration, instant messaging, web meetings, remote support and desk-side support.

Damien Venkatasamy, head of the UK Public Sector practice, says that the firm is “delighted” to have the opportunity to transform how the police force uses IT. He adds: “With a mobile workforce of the scale and importance of the Met Police, it was critical for CSC to provide them with a solution that supports their digital policing ambition and critically, to ensure police and support staff have access to information on a 24/7 basis, whenever and however they need it.”

Chris Naylor, director of Digital Policing at MPS says: "The SIAM model is all about collaboration and leveraging the best capabilities from our technology partners. CSC brings vast experience of working within the SIAM/Tower model and has industry leading capability in this area. We look forward to working with CSC to help the MPS refresh, renew and replace a range of our IT devices and services, which will allow our people to work in a more agile way, using remote technology and a range of mobile and desktop devices. This contract will help us transform our IT to begin realising our ambition to become a truly mobile digital police service. We look forward to working with CSC in delivering our end user IT services.”

Earlier this week MPS announced that it had also struck a deal with Accenture.