CSC adds IBM Cloud offering to its Agility Platform

31 May 2016 3 min. read
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CSC has added the IBM Cloud solution to its CSC Agility Platform. The deal aims at improving CSC’s hybrid cloud offering as more and more enterprise clients seek to leverage cross platform cloud based applications for analytics, mobile, networking, storage, Internet of Things and cognitive computing.

Cloud based offerings are rapidly growing as companies seek to reduce their infrastructure and licensing costs, while gaining access to the newest services and delivery models that are highly scalable. Enterprise clients are more and more turning to the cloud environment, including in China where cloud is project to grow to 20% of the Enterprise market by 2020. Particularly private and hybrid varieties are in hot demand, whereby companies can securely gain competitive advantages in cloud banking solution, like Hitachi Consulting launching its Enterprise Cloud framework solution, Capgemini launching a cloud based solution for telcos, and Accenture picking up Cloud Sherpas.

The CSC Agility Platform is designed to provide clients with a means of engaging services across multiple cloud providers as their own IT environments. IBM Cloud provides public, private and hybrid cloud services to companies. Services include analytics, mobile, networking, storage, Internet of Things and cognitive computing. The firm has more than 40 data centres across the globe from where it helps companies manage and develop insights into their data.

 CSC Agility Platform

The deal between CSC and IBM Cloud advances the CSC’s next generation IT strategy by providing an integrated cloud platform that meets the often complex client compliance requirements of international enterprise companies. The partnership will also enable CSC to help their clients accelerate their transition to the cloud, as there is much need to modernise and develop key applications to speed further advancement within these companies.

The agreement will see IBM Cloud integrated with CSC Agility Platform, allowing CSC’s clients across a variety of industries – including finance, insurance and healthcare – to leverage more than 10,000 innovation applications for the hybrid cloud environment. As part of the joint integrated offering, CSC has started to train developers to create the next generation of applications across the 120 API's and cloud services IBM has available on its Bluemix cloud platform.

“The addition of IBM’s cloud into the portfolio of clouds managed under CSC Agility Platform further validates our strategy of creating client value through the orchestration of multiple cloud platforms,” explains Mike Lawrie, CSC’s Chairman, President and CEO. "Our expanded partnership with IBM will help us accelerate the delivery of next generation applications that give our joint clients greater flexibility, safety and control of their data as they design and adopt hybrid cloud strategies.”

"Cloud has become the key driver of helping companies digitally transform their business operations for greater value," says Robert LeBlanc, Senior Vice resident at IBM Cloud. “Working with CSC will provide greater value to our joint clients, helping them leverage the IBM Cloud to speed application development, data analysis, and faster value from their products and services across hybrid clouds deployments.”