Accenture wins IT contract with Metropolitan Police Service

23 March 2016 2 min. read

The London’s Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime and the Metropolitan Police Service have selected Accenture to deliver a range of digital technologies and transformations within the MPS over the coming five years. The deal further sees the consultancy firm manage the MPS’ core information technology applications. The contract will create around 60 new technology based positions in Newcastle.

London’s Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) was established in 2012, and replaced the Metropolitan Police Authority. The body is responsible for the oversight of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). The MPS was formed in 1829 and today has more than 31,000 officers together with about 13,000 police staff and 2,600 Police Community Support Officers. The MPS ranges over an area of 620 square miles and a population of 7.2 million.

It was recently announced the MOPAC and MPS have selected Accenture as the Application Management Services provider to the MPS. Accenture will provide the MPS with support in the use of digital technologies, including mobile and analytics solutions, in addition to facilitating increased communication between police and citizens through digital channels.

Accenture wins IT contract with Metropolitan Police Service

The five year contract, which includes an option for a one-year extension, was won following a competitive tender. The terms of the agreement will further see Accenture manage the MPS’ core information technology applications. The work itself will leverage Accenture’s Newcastle Accenture Delivery Center, creating an additional 60 technology jobs in the city, as well as leverage the firm’s capabilities and resources based in London.

Allan Fairley, managing director of Accenture’s Public Safety business in the United Kingdom, says that the firm’s team “looks forward to working with MPS” to deliver the department’s technology transformation and “assisting the force achieve its vision for digital policing in London in the years ahead.”

“As part of our integrated multi-supplier delivery model, Accenture will help us to move to a more-modern, flexible IT environment, enabling us to reduce costs and improve the technology available to help our officers serve the public,” says Chris Naylor, Digital Policing lead at the Metropolitan Police Service. “Accenture has strong industry experience and recognises the importance of collaboration and cross-supplier integration to help deliver next-generation police services. We look forward to working closely with Accenture in managing our applications and introducing new, innovative solutions.”