Alsbridge expands footprint into Australia and New Zealand

21 March 2016 3 min. read
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Alsbridge is expanding its operations into Australia and New Zealand by setting up a base in Sydney. The consultancy firm has added two Directors from KPMG to operate the new unit, which will leverage its global resources to provide its full range of services to regional clients.

With around 250 consultants, operating from eight offices in North America and Europe, Alsbridge is one of the larger consultancies of the globe specialised in sourcing topics. In line with its growth ambitions, the US-origin consultancy, founded in 2003, has decided to expand into the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) market. The firm will base its regional footprint in Sydney, and will leverage its global capacity and resources as well as hire new talent in the region. To lead the ANZ operations the firm has poached two senior professionals from KPMG, Dom Bower and David Snell. The new practice will operate throughout the region, and provide the firm’s full service offering to regional clients.

“The ANZ region comprises a large and growing market of world-class businesses,” says Chip Wagner, CEO of Alsbridge. “However, enterprises have traditionally had limited options in terms of advisory services to optimize business and IT operations and leverage emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), data analytics and cloud. As operational efficiency and innovation become increasingly central to competitiveness, we are ideally positioned to help ANZ businesses stay abreast of industry peers and global best practices.”

Alsbridge opens office in Sydney

Bower, who joins Alsbridge as a Senior Director, was most recently a Director of Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory at KPMG Australia, where he worked for more than four years. Previously Bower was a Director at Furnival Consultancy Services for eight years, as well as holding numerous IT related roles at companies, including Turnstone Services, Hutchison 3G, Office of Government Commerce, among others.  Bower was educated at University College London and the University of London in Computer and Communications Law.

Snell, who also joins Alsbridge as a Senior Director, was previously a Director at KPMG, where, over a five year period, he provided IT Sourcing Advisory services. Prior roles include work as an Independent Consultant for Tower Insurance and Management Toolbox. Earlier in his career he worked, among others, for Systems Advisory Services, as a Business Development Manager; Deloitte, as a Senior Manager; Capita Business Services, as an Associate Director; and Capgemini Consulting, as a Principle Consultant. Snell was educated at Cranfield University from which he hold a Bespoke MBA.

“I am delighted to join the global Alsbridge team and am excited by the opportunity to establish and grow our presence in the ANZ market,” says Bower. “Having worked closely for many years with executives in the region, I believe businesses will respond enthusiastically to Alsbridge’s value proposition and unique capabilities and service offerings.”

Chip Wagner - Dom Bower - David Snell

“The ANZ businesses I’ve worked with are increasingly interested in opportunities to drive transformation, reduce costs and mitigate risk,” adds Snell. “The combination of global experience and regional perspective that Alsbridge ANZ brings to the table raises the competitive bar and gives regional enterprises an important new option to consider.”