Alsbridge expands enterprise print services practice

02 December 2015 2 min. read
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Alsbridge has expanded its enterprise print services line, in a bid to provide new solutions that reduce costs in the end-to-end printing arena. The expansion includes business methodology enhancements and the recruitment of key industry experts. The expansion is a reflection of increasing demand for such services.

Printing can be an expensive exercise, especially if a considerable number of prints need to be made for everyday business functions, for among others, advertisements, memos, policy reporting and file keeping. According to Alsbridge, companies have struggled to keep printing costs in check, and while many have sought paperless solutions, printing remains a necessary – and expensive – exercise for many companies globally.

One issue holding back innovative solutions is that in many cases, there is no centralised body that deals with printing, different departments are required for the end-to-end process, including IT, procurement and marketing; and while outsourcing has the potential to generate savings, given the complexity of transitioning – as well as issues surrounding sensitive documents – companies are weary of the option.

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The expansion of the firm’s enterprise printing service line will better service clients looking for an objective assessment of their in-plant print production facilities, managed print services (MPS) and/or print procurement. The firm’s analysis produces a benchmark against which various alternative options can be developed and leveraged, including improvements, enhancements with current providers or outsourcing. The firm has on occasion uncovered hidden costs for companies, saving between 30% and 48%, transforming the printing system within enterprises into more profitable and strategically focused business units.

“Most organisations do not understand their overall cost of printing or where they can drive improvements and efficiencies,” says Chip Wagner, CEO of Alsbridge. “Print costs are often decentralised with the budget spread across many P&L’s. Uncovering those hidden costs drives both savings and profitability improvements, and our clients are recognising the value of comprehensive assessments and well-defined sourcing strategies.”

“By enhancing our capabilities around enterprise print services, we can help our clients in yet another enterprise area,” says Jeff Augustin, Alsbridge Managing Director and Outsourcing Advisory Service Lead. “Moreover, by aligning print into the overall enterprise sourcing strategy, we further round out our complete advisory service set.”