AAM and Hymans Robertson sign GO digital savings deal

03 July 2015 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read

Aberdeen Asset Management joins forces with Hymans Robertson to support digital future in retirement saving solutions. The two firms signed an agreement to bring in Hymans Robertson's Guided Outcomes retirement tool for Aberdeen's UK investors. The tool provides a flexible way of developing retirement income targets, while different ways of achieving and keeping on track with the savings targets are mapped.

Aberdeen Asset Management (AAM) was founded in 1983 in Aberdeen, Scotland. The firm, growing rapidly during the ‘90s, has taken up a global position, with investment desks in London, Philadelphia and Singapore. AAM employs 781 investment professionals in 26 countries, who collectively manage £330.6 billion in assets.

Guided Outcomes (GO) is an interactive retirement savings scheme, developed by pensions consulting firm Hymans Robertson, that allows its users to not only set their own retirement savings targets, but also provides users with the information required to keep up-to-date with target requirements on a pay-by-pay basis. The GO service aims to provide both flexibility for savers, as well as a structured way to keep up with the payments required for their target income – come retirement.

AAM and Hymans Robertson sign GO digital savings deal

The agreement signed between AAM and Hymans Robertson, will see Hymans Robertson provide AAM’s investors access to its GO online saving solution, developed to improve the savings outcomes of its users.

Commenting on the deal, Ronnie Bowie, Senior Partner at Hymans Robertson, says: “We are delighted to be working with Aberdeen. We have a shared ambition to provide digital services to savers giving them better financial outcomes, providing simple solutions in the face of much more complexity. We have a strong track record serving the workplace savings market, where our GO technology is being used by many employers to help employees make proper provision for retirement.”

John Brett, Global Head of Distribution at AA, adds: “This ground-breaking strategic partnership combines the actuarial expertise of one of the leading pension consultants with one of the leading investment management brands in the UK.”