Five consultancies support Digital Shoreditch festival

12 May 2015 2 min. read

Yesterday the Digital Shoreditch festival kicked off in East London. The event, which runs from 11 May to 24 May, is expected to host more than 15,000 talents from the UK, Europe and beyond who will come together to celebrate outstanding work, share best practices and discuss the future. Five consulting firms will contribute to the event, either as a supporter or by providing key speakers.

Digital Shoreditch festival
The Digital Shoreditch festival brings together more than 15,000 creative, technical and entrepreneurial talents of the UK, Europe and beyond to celebrate outstanding work, share ideas and look forward to the future. The event consists of over 140 meet-ups and networking events organised at several venues across East London, including at the Shoreditch Town Hall, Ace Hotel, Love Shake, Makers Café, The Breakfast Club and The Greenhouse.

Digital Shoreditch festival

The fourth edition of the festival will take place from 11 to 24 May 2015 and consists of a main programme – running from 11 to 15 May with keynotes, sessions and workshops, premier events – running from 11 to 17 May, and open house events running from 16 to 24 May.

Consulting firms
For consulting firms, the festival provides an ideal platform to showcase their thought leadership, expertise and solutions to (potential) clients and learn from best practices from other experts in the field. Five consultancies have committed themselves to the event and provide a contribution to the event’s programme. An overview of the speakers active in the consulting industry:

Dan Westley, Dan Hanmer, Rob Mettler and Duncan Brown

Mia Bennett and Samad Masood

In addition to facilitating expert sessions, PwC and CBRE have signed up as supporter of the festival, with PwC organising the ‘Future of Things’ event.