Hay Group launches NextBig100 scheme for startups

13 May 2015 Consultancy.uk 3 min. read

While getting any small business of the ground and through the various funding rounds is a feat in itself, Indian start-ups are facing the issue of a lack of talent required to scale. To provide promising startups with the needed talent, Hay Group launched the NextBig100 programme – which sets out to support both present staff with high level mentoring as well as help scaling start-ups attract the next big talent.

India is the third largest startup country in the world, after the US and the UK, and also the fastest growing – with four times as many new start-ups expected to be popping up in 2020 as there are today.  Yet starting a small enterprise in India is no easy feat. Not only does the idea need to have solid foundations and be provided a market, early investors need to see the business through various funding rounds and find the right talent to scale the business.

As finding this talent proves to be an increasing difficulty in the massively scaling market, Hay Group recently launched its NextBig100 programme to help 100 ‘pre Series B*’ startups in India to select, develop and retain talent.

Through the programme, Hay Group will offer founders and leaders of startups with mentoring, insights, guidance and coaching and help the new entrants attract the talent required to build their organisations. In addition, the consulting firm will provide advice on how to effectively manage the people processes of recruitment, selection, structures, performance, rewards and development.

With the programme comes the development of a long term relationship Hay Group, in exchange for access to best organisational practices, systems and benchmarks that are delivered through the firm’s global network.

Hay Group experts
Five senior experts from Hay Group will advise and support the startups on all their ‘talent challenges’. An overview of the experts:

Mohinish Sinha - Nitin Razdan - Gaurav Lahiri - Debabrat Mishra and Peeyush Arya

- Mohinish Sinha is the Director and Leadership & Talent Practice Leader of Hay Group and is specialised in organisation transformation, leadership development, coaching, and setting up and assessing learning functions.

- Nitin Razdan is the Managing Director of Hay Group India who helped start the India business and grow the client portfolio in India and international markets.

- Gaurav Lahiri is Hay Group’s Regional Director of Fast Growing Markets and is a founding member of Hay Group India. Lahiri is specialised in the FMCG, Telecom, Media and Energy sectors and led the Telecom and Media practice of Hay Group in Europe.

- Debabrat Mishra is a Director of Hay Group and an organisation transformation & change specialist, coach, consultant and innovation practitioner with 2 decades of experience with clients across India, Middle East, China and Africa.

- Peeyush Arya is a Director of Hay Group with an experience-led expertise in organisation design and transformation who helps Hay Group clients with transformation or change programmes.

* The Hay Group programme specifically aims at startups in the ‘pre Series B stage’, with the Series B referring to the second round of external funding – focussed on scaling the business.