The fastest growing consulting firms and companies of Europe

22 May 2018 14 min. read

Europe's thirty fastest growing consulting firms have achieved an average compound annual growth rate of 78% across a three-year period. France has the largest number of fastest growing consultancies on the continent, followed by the UK, which has six firms among the top thirty.

Last week, analysed data from the Financial Times and Statista regarding the 1,000 most rapidly growing companies across Europe. While companies from 31 different countries made the list, the top 50 was still dominated by companies based in the UK. Over a fifth of the top 50 performers were located in Britain, and while in the top 1,000 overall, Germany and France still hosted more of such rapidly growing companies, the UK’s contingent also saw a much higher collective revenue of €6.9 billion, and a higher average revenue per firm.

Examining the data of the top 30 rapidly growing consulting companies in Europe, a similar trend emerges. The UK is once more in the top three performing nation, between France’s 10 firms and Germany’s five, and the six British consultancies on the list are generally larger than their foreign counterparts, meaning they across the board have added more revenue and headcount to their footprint.

Europe’s fastest growing consulting firms by country

Of the firms featured in the ranking, UK firms saw their FTE (the hours a single employee works on a full-time basis) increase the most by far – averaging an extra 105. Despite this, fast growing British firms saw their CAGR average match the growth of German firms, at 76%, and trail French consultancies, which saw the highest CAGR of any nation on this list at 91%.

Other countries which are home to Europe's consulting elite in terms of growth are Spain, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. An overview of the top 30 fastest growing consulting firms in Europe:

everBe | France

everBe is a management consulting and cloud service company focussing on Finance, HR&Payroll, Analytics powered by Workday Cloud solutions. The company specialises in in strategy, deployment and support services of Workday Solutions (Cloud solutions for Finance, HR - HCM, Payroll, Time, Recruiting, Planning and Analytics) in France and Europe.

Headquartered: Paris, France. Founded: 2002

The Retail Performance Company | Germany

The Retail Performance Company (rpc) is a retail-focused service provider, working with clients across all industries to manage customer-centric transformation and ongoing operations. The company’s multifaceted portfolio includes consulting, coaching, training and HR services, retail design and data analytics.

Headquartered: München, Germany. Founded: 2013

Seistag Innovación | Spain

Seistag is a consultancy which works with small and medium-size companies to help them apply techniques mainly leveraged by large organisations. The operational advisory firm promotes innovation and internationalization, as well as new technologies, automatisation, product development, new materials, and biofuels.

Headquartered: A Coruña, Spain. Founded: 2013

Anthesis Group | UK

Formed in March 2013, Anthesis Consulting Group was founded on the belief that commercial success and sustainability go hand in hand. With over 250 people globally, achieved through organic and inorganic growth (including Best Foot Forward), the global sustainability services and solutions provider has grown rapidly by offering clients strength and depth in data analytics and technological expertise.

Headquartered: London, UK. Year founded: 2013

Theano Advisors | France

Last year, Theano Advisors was found to be the fastest growing management consulting firm in the EU. The firm works with CEOs and executive teams to prepare strategies for companies in an increasingly disruptive digital market.

Headquartered: Paris, France. Founded: 2012

Red Badger | UK

Red Badger is a digital transformation and technology consultancy focused on clients in the retail, media and financial services sectors, including several of the UK's larger retail banks.

Headquartered: London, UK. Founded: 2010

The fastest growing consulting firms of Europe

Atlante | France

Atlante assists economic and institutional players in managing transformations and improving performance. The consultancy advises decision-makers and their teams from the planning of projects to their realisation.

Headquartered: Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. Founded: 2011

Davricourt | France

Davricourt currently has more than 300 employees and five agencies in Paris, Lyon, Tours, Lille and Belfort. Practicing a "made-to-measure" policy, Davricourt specialises in engineering consulting and technical assistance.

Headquartered: Levallois-Perret, Île-de-France. Founded: 2011

Join Business MC | Italy

Join Business MC supports clients from different sectors in the generation of sustainable value by identifying new business opportunities and solutions to face critical challenges, helping clients to transform their operational models.

Headquartered: Siena, Italy. Founded: 2013

Expera Conseils | France

Expera is a management consultancy providing clients with end-to-end services from the creation of a project through its development and administrative, accounting, social and legal follow-up, support companies towards success.

Headquartered: Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume. Founded: 2009

Fekra Consulting | UK

Fekra’s team of management consultants has been providing advisory and consultancy services on leasing, lending, loans, consumer credit, accounting, and regulatory reporting to clients for ten years.

Headquartered: London, UK. Founded: 2008

Experium Nax Group | France

Experium Nax Group is a consulting company of more than 40 people specialising in consulting and integration of Oracle ERP solutions, JD Edwards and ERP SAGE X3 as well as providing organisation and performance advice to clients.

Headquartered: Paris, France. Founded: 2012.


TEAMWILLE is a project management consultancy founded by Johannes Wille in 2004. The firm’s focus is project management consulting and training, whether classic, agile or hybrid in the program, portfolio or project environment.

Headquartered: München, Germany. Founded: 2004

Delta Capita | UK

Delta Capita is an international business and technology consulting and managed services provider, specialising in the Financial Services sector.

Headquartered: London, UK. Founded: 2010

Boycor | Spain

Boycor is a professional services firm made up of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the IT sector, both in the recruiting area and in team management.

Headquartered: Cambre, A Coruña, Spain. Founded: 2011.

Buyingpeers | France

BuyingPeers is a consulting and training firm, specialising in three areas of expertise: organisation and performance consulting, operational council, and recruitment training and business coaching.

Headquartered: Paris, France. Founded: 2012

Kronos Group | Belgium

Experiencing a continuous expansion ever since its launch, business transformation consultancy Kronos Group can now rely on 100+ skilled consultants, mainly working for top tier companies on high added value projects in procurement and finance.

Headquartered: Brussels, Belgium. Founded: 2011

The 16-30 fastest growing consulting firms of Europe

Regulatory Finance Solutions | UK

Regulatory Finance Solutions is a compliance consultancy focused on the financial risk and regulatory sectors. The firm works to enable regulated companies solve complex resource, planning and regulatory challenges in their businesses.

Headquartered: Swindon, UK. Founded: 2005

Considerati | Netherlands

Professional services firm Considerati helps technology and data-driven organisations further their objectives by ensuring that clients comply with applicable legislation, providing legal advice in the field of privacy, data protection and cyber security.

Headquartered: Amsterdam, Netherlands. Founded: 2007

CARMAO | Germany

CARMAO is an IT security consulting firm for exigent requirements, conceiving solutions for customers to attain a permanent high added value. Its clients are chiefly DAX listed companies, but also include other enterprises, leading in their respective markets.
Headquartered: Limburg, Germany. Founded: 2003

BeRepublic Networks | Spain

BeRepublic is a network of consultants specialised in e-business and digital marketing, advising on defining and executing clients’ digital business model.

Headquartered: Barcelona, Spain. Founded: 2006

HRpepper | Germany

HRpepper is a consultancy which works with top management, senior leaders and HR managers on projects geared to lastingly increase the performance of organisations.

Headquartered: Berlin, Germany. Founded: 2012

Mind the Value | Italy

Mind the Value offers decision making, management and business & system integration consulting services, to clients, leading companies towards a strategic growth, supported by operational processes optimisation and strong technical competences.

Headquartered: Milan, Italy. Founded: 2011

BaseTIS | Spain

BaseTIS is an IT services consultancy which aims to provide a quality service to clients through industrial knowledge and understanding, sectorial experience, and multidisciplinary technical expertise.

Headquartered: Barcelona, Spain. Founded: 2009

ÁlamoConsulting | Spain

A consulting company specialising in IT, strategy and management consulting, founded in 2007 by a group of professionals with proven experience in the sector with the simple aim of making good projects, meet deadlines and meet customers’ needs.

Headquartered: Madrid, Spain. Founded: 2007

MA Provider | Italy

MA Provider is a consultancy specialising in market access, public affairs, health economics, and marketing/communication services for its clients.

Headquartered: Milan, Italy. Founded: 2010

Consultake | France

Consultake focuses on strategy and management, organizations and technologies consulting work with large companies and high growth SMEs. The firm supports clients in their strategic and technological thinking as well as in the operational implementation of transformation plans.

Headquartered: Levallois-Perret, France. Founded: 2006

L&B solutions | Germany

The objective of L&B Solutions is to offer a sustainable solution which helps clients master future challenges. To this end, the firm’s portfolio of services is structured around three core areas: leadership, project management, and transformation.

Headquartered: Starnberg, Germany. Founded: 2010

Efficio | UK

Management consultancy Efficio’s experts work with clients to identify, deliver and sustain improvement opportunities in procurement. At the same time, the firm works to transform the capabilities of clients in order to sustain these improvements for the long term.

Headquartered: London, UK. Founded: 2000

Harwell Management | France

Harwell Management has 170 employees at its Paris, Brussels, Geneva and London offices. The firm’s extensive knowledge of the banking sector and operations mean it has been able to support international clients in their transformation strategy.

Headquartered: Paris, France. Founded: 2009

Principle | UK

Principle is a global brand implementation specialist, something which the firm asserts makes it unique in the world wide consulting market. The consultancy works with brand owners and their partners to solve the unique challenges of managing and implementing consistent brand environments anywhere around the globe.

Headquartered: Huddersfield, UK. Founded: 1987