Avasant and Wipro team up for digital transformation event in London

03 May 2018 Consultancy.uk 3 min. read
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Avasant and Wipro are teaming up to organise a joint event in London in the end of May. The Empowering Beyond Symposium 2018, focuses on how new technology-led developments such as Automation, AI, and Blockchain are taking digital transformation to the next level.

A global city, and Europe’s financial capital, London employs one sixth of the entire UK workforce, with 5.6 million staff helping generate economic activity worth £400 billion per year. However, according to a recent report from Big Four firm EY, almost a third of all jobs in the UK’s capital have a high likelihood of being automated in the near future, with mobile robotics and machine learning being rapidly developed for administrative tasks, as well as manual labour. The shocking projection led Bank of England Governor Mark Carney to warn of a “massacre of the Dilberts,” drawing on the classic cartoon office worker, who would likely be among those made redundant by the approaching technological upheaval.

As the city prepares to deal with the implementation of AI, and businesses are faced with a plethora of challenges relating to cost, human resourcing and operational transformation, management consulting firm Avasant and IT consultancy Wipro have teamed up to deliver a new digital transformation event in London. According to the two firms, The Empowering Beyond Symposium is designed to inspire and stimulate peer-based dialogue between executives from enterprise organisations who are looking to co-create business value with their technology partners.

Empowering beyond symposium 2018

According to a statement on the event’s website, Avasant and Wipro hope to help steer British businesses through a time of intense change in the world of work. It elaborated, “We are living in a new age of innovation created by the limitless applications of digital technologies, and while everyone touts the value of automation, AI, IoT and blockchain, the real value of these transformative technologies is only realised through a holistic approach which focuses on driving business outcomes through a process of digital transformation. Organisations are tired of hearing how service providers can address their needs through point solutions. What they need is a trusted partner who can help them traverse this digital journey by seamlessly weaving a tapestry of innovative solutions.”

The three-hour event taking place on Thursday May 31, 2018, will feature speeches from three industry experts. Kevin Parikh, Avasant’s Global CEO Kevin Parikh will commence proceedings, speaking as a specialist in IT and business process (BP) outsourcing. He will be followed by Avasant Partner Anupam Govil, who manages Global Sales and New Initiatives at the firm, including its Digital and Intelligent Automation efforts. Finally, Jon Winder, a Director at CIO Plan International will conclude the day, drawing on his 30 years ICT experience in operations, applications and customer-facing services roles developing service strategy and support models.

The main event will be followed by a networking drinks reception at the home of Chelsea Football Club. Attendees will also receive a tour of Stamford Bridge, ahead of the ground’s further expansion to further enhance its global reputation.