Kienbaum and Berenschot agree Benelux partnership

04 March 2015 2 min. read

Global consultancy firm Kienbaum has agreed a partnership deal with Berenschot, a management consultancy based in the Netherlands. The firms will work together in the area of compensation & rewards, and expect further opportunities for collaboration in the future.

With more than 750 professionals spread over 40 of its offices in 20+ counties, Kienbaum is one of the larger players in the global HR- and Recruitment market. The firms focuses particularly on Executive Search, Human Resource Management and Management Consulting. German origin Kienbaum has been active in Netherlands since 2004, where it has established an office in Amsterdam.

Berenschot is one of the largest and leading management consulting firms in the Netherlands. The firm is active in several industries and functional areas, including Human Resource Management.

Berenschot & Kienbaum

To strengthen its HR-services in the Benelux, Kienbaum and Berenschot have decided to join forces, with an emphasis on employment compensation data. Berenschot engages in yearly research into the employment conditions and remuneration statistics of various disciplines and sectors, and has developed a compressive employment compensation database. The database includes information on both primary and secondary benefits, and allows organisations to compare themselves in, among others, sector-, function- and company conditions. Kienbaum finds itself in a similar position – the firm has a database covering employment information in the 20 countries in which it is active.

As part of the partnership agreement, the newlywed firms will share their employment compensation data with each other. Berenschot will open up access to its database covering the Dutch and Belgian markets, while in return it gains access to Kienbaum’s ‘Compensation Portal’ and employment compensation information on Germany, Austria, Switzerland and a variety of East-European countries. “By working together with Kienbaum we are in a strong position to advise our clients about employment compensation”, says Hans van der Spek, HRM lead at Berenschot. “For an increasing number of functions, relying on the employment market extending to the boarders is no longer an option, to determine a competitive compensations package sometimes requires understanding the compensation packages offered in other European markets.”

“We are enormously pleased to join forced with Berenschot”, remarks Hans Jonkers, Managing Director of Kienbaum Benelux. “Through this arrangement we can serve organisation throughout the whole of Europe in their strategic compensation needs and we can take care of our clients with balanced remuneration policies that adequately support their strategy in their local market.”

Berenschot and Kienbaum sign the deal

Possible expansion
While the partnership’s core focus is on exchange and enrichment of compensation data, Van der Spek and Jonkers also see further opportunities to expand the partnership. “we are planning exploit synergy benefits on a wider scale”, comments Van der Spek.