Advisors partner World Summit Artificial Intelligence

11 October 2017 4 min. read
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Accenture, Synechron and Oxyma subsidiary aFrogleap have joined the World Summit Artificial Intelligence, an event hosting the full ecological system of Artificial Intelligence (AI) under one roof. The Summit will take place in the distinctive Gashouder building in Amsterdam, on the 11th and 12th of October.

The impact of new technology on the global market is all-reaching, with most business models being disrupted in some manner, while the labour market is set to be completely restructured following the increase in productivity and the decrease in necessary input from employees resulting from automation, and customer expectations are getting higher. The driving force behind these trends, the market for Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken enormous steps forward in recent years, improving standards of production as well as the affordability of new equipment.

World Summit Artificial Intelligence

As firms across the gamut of industries strive to understand the potential of AI, Inspired Minds and City AI have worked to see professionals from the AI domain converge on Gashouder in Amsterdam to exchange the latest ideas and trends from each other’s applications. The event, to be hosted on the 11th and 12th of October, is the world's largest conference focusing exclusively on AI developments, and is also the first event to bring together AI's entire ecosystem, featuring traditional headliners like IBM, and new disruptors like Amazon, Netflix and Uber. The two-day event will see more than 2,000 participants explore innovation case studies, as well as workshops on various developments in AI.

Professional services presence

The World Summit AI is sponsored by technology specialists IBM Watson, as well as Datafox, Infosupport and Dutch bank ING. Moreover, the event is also supported by three players from the consulting industry. Global technology specialists Accenture, who are presently working on the development of their Interactive and Digital offerings through a $1.8 billion programme of acquisitions, is a headline partner of the event. Synechron, a firm who recently joined Microsoft’s Azure blockchain council, will send Principal Consultant Jop Ekering to participate in a panel discussion and addresses the question, "How to assess and select vendors in the fast evolving AI landscape." 

In anticipation of the event, Ekering said, “We are seeing how many of our customers are struggling with the dynamic market of vendors selling emerging technologies, like AI or Blockchain. Organizations who want to adapt to the latest innovative developments as quickly as possible, often experience that these products are still in a developmental phase and there aren’t any clear market leaders to identify yet.

"This is where the short-term goals of organizations – like experimenting, learning and gaining knowledge through POC’s and pilots – and their long-term, strategic goals – like building long-term relationships and realising strategic product fit – don’t always line up. Should a technology not work properly, then you quickly want to move on to the next. Often, however, the procurement, legal and risk processes aren’t structured to anticipate these dynamic developments.”

Accenture, Synechron, aFrogleap

AFrogleap, also a partner, is a specialist in Artificial Intelligence and Mobile solutions. The firm has been part of the Oxyma Group since 2014, and is one of the major specialized omni-channel agencies in the Netherlands with over 300 creative and technology professionals.

Bart Fussel, CEO and co-founder of aFrogleap, will provide an AI workshop, in which participants are encouraged to work with AI specifically. Fussel elaborated on why AI is such a priority for his organisation, as well as the market in general, "AI is the next major evolution. The goal is to make everything smarter and more intelligent. AI's impact is similar to that of the internet with everyone and everything connected. As ever more powerful algorithms improve consumer experiences and increase the expected quality, this will inspire more consumer brands to get on with the increasing possibilities and applications of AI."