Consulting firms PwC and IBM named digital superstar

18 December 2014 2 min. read

Consulting firms PwC and IBM have been recognised for their outstanding digital marketing campaigns in 2014 and have been named ‘digital superstar’ by B2B Marketing. The campaigns of the two firms have ‘gone that step further’ needed to be a successful digital marketer in this digital era.

Information provider for business marketers B2B Marketing recently released its ‘digital superstar’ list, a list that contains eight brands that have excelled digital marketing in 2014. According to B2B Marketing, these brands “not only remembered to be human on human on social media, or A/B tested their email campaigns or even hosted thought leadership webinars,” but have gone the extra mile and pushed boundaries, got creative and seen great results from their digital campaigns.

B2B Marketing digital superstars

Among the superstars, two consulting firms are found: IT giant IBM and Big 4 firm PwC.

IBM has been named a superstar following its online storytelling campaign of its 25-year involvement with the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. The firm used the full range of digital channels available, from social media to apps, and aimed to win more fans with data-driven, amusing and shareable content; impress the market by showcasing IBM’s capabilities; and drive revenue by connecting with engaged influencers and businesses. The campaign proved successful and resulted in 84,201 web views, 144 press articles, 1,638 downloads, and double the engagement on Twitter (13,625 mentions) compared to any previous IBM Wimbledon campaign.

Wimbledon - IBM

PwC earned the superstar title for its ‘The world in beta’ marketing campaign, which addresses the question of how future technology could change business. This campaign aimed at highlighting how companies in present day are too much focused on building a digital strategy, rather than creating an overall business strategy to fit the digital age. The firm did so by the launch of a new website on which it showcased five shareable films about businesses in the digital age, designed to incite debate about how digital might impact and disrupt businesses. 'The world in beta’ has been successful and outperformed any campaign the company has run in terms of results. The website accumulated 100,000 page views since the campaign launched, and the films have been watched over 110,000 times. On Twitter, the hashtag #worldinbeta resulted in with 6,500 tweets.

PwC - The World is in Beta