Aecus launches interim management practice: Aecus Interims

23 May 2016

London based outsourcing consultancy Aecus has launched an interim management practice, adding to its portfolio of consulting, benchmarking and delivery services. The new unit builds on the firm’s footprint of experienced professionals and a sustained period of interim know-how.

Founded in 2003, Aecus* is a UK-based consulting firm that specialises in the outsourcing, offshoring and shared services domain. The business advisory differentiates itself in the market through a senior profile – consultants have on average 15+ years of sourcing experience each – and through its ability to deliver specialist end-to-end advisory offerings across the outsourcing value chain. Among the services Aecus provides are outsourcing advice and support, vendor management, design and build of shared services, dispute resolution and contract management, as well as a range of benchmarking propositions.

Aecus recently announced that it has added an interim practice to its ranks, internally known as ‘Aecus Interims’. The new service line seeks to help clients fulfil their needs for experienced interims to take on key line roles when they face a spike in demand, and will, in line with the firm’s broader portfolio, focus on the business services Aecus is “known and respected for” (outsourcing, shared services, offshoring and automation), says the consultancy in a press release.

Aecus launches Aecus Interims

The interim practice will not be built up from scratch – the unit will leverage the years of experience Aecus has gained in sectors such as financial services, energy & utilities, retail and public sector. “For many years, Aecus has provided consulting services to a wide range of blue chip clients using only highly experienced and trusted consultants. As a result, we have built an extensive database of these consultants whom we trust to associate with clients,” says a spokesperson of the Strand-based (Central London) consultancy. 

Over the past period Aecus Interims has been in soft launch – the unit has, for instance, provided interims to a global brewery as an F&A BPO Contract Manager, to a CPG company as a Change Manager and provided a PMO for a complex IT transformation programme at an insurance client. Building on the experience, and on the back of fine tuning done to its proposition, Aecus Interims has now been formally launched and started its operation. “If you are running a major project in outsourcing, shared services or automation and have line roles to fill, or you have gaps in capability in line roles for ongoing delivery, Aecus Interims will be able to find just the right resource,” states the firm. 

Asked for how Aecus Interims differentiates itself from the fierce competition in the interim space, the firm’s partner team points at three factors. “We’ve done it before, we have the people and we are the low risk option for sourcing interims.” Commenting on the third differentiator, the firm adds: “We often work with clients that need to fill line and delivery focussed roles. These situations require experienced ‘known quality’ people who will get the job done, not people supplied through an agency (however reputable) that can be ‘hit and miss’.”

Benefits of Aecus Interims

Interim professionals from Aecus Interims – specialists that work as Transition Managers, Contract Managers or Outsourcing/SSC Experts, among others – in addition can leverage the firm’s consulting heritage and knowledge base, a combination which provides a “unique advantage”, says the consultancy. “Aecus interim managers have access to the accumulated experience of the Aecus family, rather than being just an unsupported resource.”

* The firm was founded as ALS Consulting in London in 2002 by a group of former partners from EY and KPMG. In 2005 ALS joined forces with Dallas-based Trowbridge to form Alsbridge, which nowadays is one of the globe’s lager specialist sourcing consultants and benchmarkers. On 1st December 2014 Alsbridge UK left the Alsbridge Group and rebranded as Aecus.