BearingPoint buys big data service provider Hypercube

01 February 2012 2 min. read

BearingPoint has bought business analytics solution Hypercube from its parent software company Effiscience. Hypercube helps clients analyse and quantify 'big data' with high precision, which in turn can support effective decision-making on complex issues. The addition of Hypercube to its services strengthens BearingPoint's position in the increasingly important business analytics marketplace.

Business analytics is together with sustainability consulting considered by analysts to be the two highest growth segments of the consulting market. In addition, several research reports have shown that the impact of big data on economies and businesses worldwide can be significant. Following this trend, several management consulting firms have geared their strategy towards data science and invested substantially in big data propositions, including for instance McKinsey (the firm which introduced the term 'big data' in a landmark report), Capgemini Consulting (through its Digital Transformation practice) and Deloitte Consulting (trough its Business Analytics arm).


The HyperCube solution is based on over fifteen years of advanced mathematical research. The data analytics engine is based on a state of the art mathematical algorithm as well as massive computing capabilities provided in a cloud computing environment (SaaS). In 2010 MIT Sloan School provided HyperCube the award for "most innovative showcase" and the international Pasteur Institute declared it "the best performing data analysis tool". Over the past years the solution has been implemented by a number of renowned companies, including Allianz, Orange, Roche, Volkswagen and Carrefour.

"The integration of the software is important for meeting future needs of our customers in handling and using 'big data' in their business processes", commented Peter Mockler, Managing Partner at BearingPoint. "Business analytics will become one of the most challenging prospective corporate requirements," he said, adding the transaction is another important step in extending BearingPoint's position as one of the leading international business consultancies.