Chartered status has become a hallmark of consulting excellence

07 August 2023 3 min. read

Since its launch, the Chartered Management Consultant award has gone from strength to strength – with half of the Management Consultancies Association’s member firms having now joined the drive to chartered status for the industry. Even among experienced management consultants, it is becoming a major career milestone helping recognise expertise and credibility, according to Nicholas Fox, partner and head of government at KPMG UK.

I feel it is my duty to inspire and encourage consultants to pursue the Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) accreditation, which is quickly becoming a hallmark of excellence in our industry signifying the highest standards of professionalism and expertise. With the full support from my firm, I was keen to pursue the ChMC accreditation, recognising its significance for our industry.

KPMG UK has provided invaluable resources and guidance, including a dedicated collaboration site with comprehensive materials from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and our own firm. The resources that were made available to me were valuable in helping me and others understand the requirements and expectations of the ChMC process.

ChMC accreditation has become a hallmark of consulting excellence

Briefing sessions, Q&A sessions with experienced consultants, and access to case studies showcasing best practice provided me with a good foundation to approach the ChMC accreditation with clarity and confidence. I was able to logically align my knowledge, skills, and experiences with the ChMC criteria, effectively demonstrating my capabilities as a management consultant. 

Obtaining Chartered status is a significant milestone that enhances the reputation of the management consulting field, helping to position it on par with other established professions. As a senior leader in this industry, achieving this status has been a proud moment reaffirming the value I can deliver as a management consultant. 

The journey to becoming Chartered challenged me to reflect on my own values, expertise and worth as a consultant. It has reinforced my commitment to upholding the highest standards of excellence in my profession and has strengthened my professional credibility. Going through the process to become Chartered required thorough preparation and reflection. My advice to those pursuing the experienced professional route, as I did, would be to allocate sufficient time for self-reflection and prepare well for the interview.   

Gathering evidence from various stages of my career to satisfy the ChMC criteria helped me to better understand my own value and worth as a consultant. This self-awareness has been powerful in my subsequent interactions with clients and colleagues and has enhanced my overall professional credibility. 

My journey towards achieving the ChMC award has been rewarding and enriching. The support from my firm, the credibility and professionalism associated with Chartered status, and the opportunity for self-reflection have all contributed to enhancing my career as a consultant.  
By attaining Chartered status and consistently upholding the highest standards of excellence, we can collectively contribute to enhancing the reputation of the management consulting field. 
I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the community of ChMC qualified consultants and wholeheartedly encourage other management consultants – experienced or aspiring – to pursue the award as a symbol of excellence in our industry. As the number of ChMC consultants increases in the coming years, the industry will move towards being known for its unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and high standards.