Ramboll assigns Mette Sos Lassesen to subsidiary Environ

04 March 2016 Consultancy.uk 3 min. read
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Rambøll has promoted long term company veteran Mette Søs Lassesen to the role of Market Director for the firm’s 2014 acquired subsidiary, Rambøll Environ. Søs Lassesen's previous role at Rambøll was Group Director of Market Development. In her new role, Søs Lassesen will leverage the synergies between the firms by integrating Rambøll Environ’s Liveable Cities service offering into Rambøll’s global offering – seeking to provide a range of North American clients with support in the transformation to a world that is more environmentally sustainable.

In 2015, Søs Lassesen was promoted to Group Director of Market Development at Rambøll, the new role saw her responsible for integration of a new US subsidiary, as well as wider market and business development. Prior to that, Søs Lassesen waspromoted to Group Director of Rambøll Group Markets and Knowledge Management practice in 2008, a position from which she provided global markets strategy development, business planning and budgeting for the firm. Previously, she held the role of Business Manager at Rambøll, commencing in 2000, working from the firm’s Copenhagen office where she managed more than fifty employees working on projects around the world. Mette Søs Lassesen started her career at Rambøll as a Legal Advisor on International Law, Human Rights, Refugee Law and Citizenship issues; the role saw her work across Denmark, Liberia and Ukraine for more than two years, providing legal advisory and project management support to the UNHCR.

Søs Lassesen holds a Master of Law from Københavns University.

Sos Lassesen - Ramboll

Rambøll recently announced that Søs Lassesen has been promoted to the role of Market Director at subsidiary Environ – Rambøll acquired the US environmental consultancy in 2014, adding more than 1,500 consultants and specialists in 21 countries. In her new role, she will bring her more than 16 years of business development, management and marketing experience to leverage synergies between the two companies – with a focus on integrating Environ’s Liveable Cities service offering.

Tom Vetrano, President and Managing Director of Ramboll Environ, remarks that he is “very pleased” about the transfer of Søs Lassesen to the US subsidiary, adding that: “Ramboll Environ’s consultants have already been working closely with our colleagues at Ramboll on a number of significant projects that were made possible by the synergies of our blended organisation. We are looking forward to working with Mette to deliver Ramboll’s hallmark offerings to the North American market.”

Søs Lassesen says that: “Ramboll Environ has an excellent reputation in the United States and around the world for helping companies and governments to resolve their most challenging environmental and health issues. Today, these issues are more important than ever and this trend shows no signs of reversing. The decisions flowing out of the recent COP21 global climate summit in Paris underscore the need for concerted public- and private-sector action to address climate change, which is a primary focus for us in North America.”