AECOM added to Yorkshire Water consulting framework

14 September 2022 2 min. read
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Professional services firm AECOM has been appointed to deliver advisory services for Yorkshire Water. The firm has been added to a framework of management consultancies, which will help the water company improve its services in the north of England.

“Many clients are undergoing huge transitions as they pivot towards a low carbon, digital future,” said AECOM director Paul Hogan. “We are delighted to be appointed by Yorkshire Water to this framework and bring our Europe advisory service expertise, such as lean and process optimisation, to support the organisation as it works towards its five big goals.”

AECOM is an infrastructure consulting firm. The company hosts approximately 51,000 employees, partnering with clients to solve complex challenges around the world. Due to the firm’s key role in global infrastructure and the built environment, it is able to play a central role in the drive to a more sustainable future. Now, it has secured positions with Yorkshire Water on its Management Consulting Framework.

Winscar Reservoir, Yorkshire

The framework agreement runs for three years, with an additional renewal period of up to two years. It will enable AECOM to support Yorkshire Water in delivering its Five Big Goals which prioritise customers, water supply, the environment, transparency and the affordability of bills.

AECOM takes its place among the framework’s Change Management and Process Mapping Lots. The Change Management Lot will involve supporting individuals’ transition through company changes across processes, organisation structures, implementation of new technology and other areas, and helping Yorkshire Water unlock individuals’ full potential. Meanwhile, the Process Mapping Lot will enable identification of operational efficiencies through process re-design and/or implementation of methodologies such as lean consulting and six sigma, a method that gives organisations the tools to improve their business capabilities.

Yorkshire Water assists over 5.5 million customers across a large urban and rural area. 140,000 businesses also depend upon the water they supply and the wastewater they take away to provide goods and services that support the economy – not only in Yorkshire, but across the country and beyond.

The UK’s water industry has been regularly pilloried in recent years. In 2018, a report on poverty from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found arrears for bills for water had become the most common form of debt for the poorest families in Britain. Meanwhile in 2021, it was revealed that the number of occasions in which water companies had discharged raw sewage into British waters had risen by 37%.