Commercial consultancy Facets sets sights at £1 million turnover

09 August 2022 2 min. read

Manchester-based commercial consultancy Facets has booked its best year yet, growing its revenue by a staggering 279% in its latest financial year.

The firm, which is headed up by experienced commercial professional Guy Littlejohn and founded in 2020, recently posted a total revenue of £559,000 for the year with a profit of £139,000.

Founder Littlejohn forecasts that the firm will hit the £1 million revenue target outlined in business plan by the end of the current financial year.

The Facets Model - How we deliver ROI within 6 months

“Reporting such a huge success when the world has gone through a horrific pandemic feels incredible. I know many have struggled and so I appreciate the chance we’ve had to still succeed,” said Littlejohn on the achievement.

“When I first launched Facets, I was one of the few that believed in the business model. I always thought it would take some time to educate the industry about how it works and the benefits because we were, in effect, a disruptor brand. But quite the opposite has happened and now we’re headed towards a £1 million turnover, which is remarkable,” he said.

Facets is a commercial consultancy dedicated to driving growth for boutique agencies, digital, ecommerce and technology firms, providing them with access to senior sales, business development, marketing and recruitment professionals on a retained partnership basis.

Founder Littlejohn launched the business having identified that traditional consulting firms didn’t provide access to consultants who could review and support with the development of an entire business development process.

Since launching, the firm was worked for clients across the globe, including King Apparel, Bright Analytics, Alkimi Exchange, Green Ginger Digital, Brawl, Paligo, and Foundation Commerce, all of which Facets work in partnership with to develop their sales funnel and implement pipeline generation strategies.

Littlejohn added: “Digital transformation has created a pathway for a modernised C-Suite to emerge – and here at Facets, we are leading the way in its creation. We are there for our clients at every stage of their business’s growth, using our 360-degree approach to business development to create pipelines for the core commercial functions a business needs.”

“In the last year, we’ve generated over £590,000 in additional revenue for our clients from sales consulting and averaged 81% revenue growth for our marketing clients. We’ve also witnessed a huge uptake in the need for our talent service and can’t wait to report on the success at the end of the year.”