Amdaris partners with payments platform Stripe

09 August 2022 2 min. read

Bristol-headquartered digital transformation specialist Amdaris has agreed a partnership with financial platform Stripe. Together the two companies will help clients enhance their payments operations.

The goal of the new partnership is to enable businesses to “modernise their financial infrastructure quickly and seamlessly,” said Vlad Nanu, Co-CEO of Amdaris, a UK software consultancy with delivery centres in Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and Bulgaria.

“By combining our capabilities with Stripe’s award-winning payment solutions, we’re able to provide a best-in-class solution for embedded payments and financial services,” added Nanu.

Amdaris partners with payments platform Stripe

The partnership comes at a time of strong growth in payments solutions by banks the management of finances. According to Forrester, many banks today are rightly investing in apps that offer a broad range of features.

Meanwhile, the growth of payments by non-financial organisations is also booming. According to IDC, 73% of global digital consumer payments will be made by non-financial institutions via platforms by 2030. This is seeing demand for embedded finance – implementing financial services solutions into services without disrupting the customer journey – take off.

Nanu: “Being able to embed payments and financial services capabilities has therefore become critical for every business. With so many firms jumping on the bandwagon, finding the right provider is key. With such a strong background in payment solutions, Stripe was an obvious choice to partner with and support us in our mission to create lasting value for our clients.”

Together, Amdaris and Stripe will help clients build and scale payment offerings more efficiently, with Amdaris taking responsibility for the design and implementation of Stripe’s platform. “The platform will allow clients to build better end-to-end payment experiences with instant onboarding, robust reporting, and a full suite of payments and fintech solutions,” explained Nanu.

For Stripe, the partnership is a component of the its Partner Ecosystem. The ecosystem was recently established due to a surge in demand for payments expertise, and the growing adoption of SaaS tools, cloud infrastructure and eCommerce platforms.

“We recently launched the Stripe Partner Ecosystem with the aim of finding like-minded companies we can partner with that, like us, want to help businesses make the move to online commerce easily, safely and quickly,” said Dorothy Copeland, Vice President of Global Partnerships and Alliances at Stripe. “We already share many synergies with Amdaris’ team, and we look forward to seeing what more we can do together in the future.”