Capgemini opens Innovation Exchange in San Francisco

27 January 2016

A new Applied Innovation Exchange has been opened by Capgemini in San Francisco. The exchange will focus on providing a space in which co-innovation with established high tech brands and start-ups can take place, with select venture capital and private equity funds made available to promising innovative propositions.

Being innovative remains a key aspect of the business environment, and the rapid development of the digital space – and the disruptive potential it opens up – is calling companies in many industries to step up their innovation game. The lifespan of an average company within the S&P 500 was 18 years in 2011; in 1935 it was still 90 years. To keep up with the pace, last year, companies globally invested $680 billion on innovation, much of which is moving closer to customer bases in China. Yet many innovation attempts are not successful, a recent PA Consulting article highlights that in the UK up to £64.7 billion per year is lost to failed innovation initiatives. To provide support to companies seeking to create innovative solutions and improve their competitiveness, a number of consulting firms have opened innovation labs in recent years. Examples include Accenture’s Innovation Centre in Dublin, Synechron’s digital innovation centre in Dubai and PwC’s working with Google Labs in Belfast.

Capgemini opens Innovation Exchange in San Francisco

In a bid to provide its support to the innovation activities of companies, Capgemini has also launched a number of innovation centres across the globe in recent years. Its offering is the Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE). This concept offers a space in which it is possible for participating businesses of any size to rapidly develop innovations, and thereby move from problem to solution through “compressing the cycle time from the discovery to deployment of innovation.” At these exchanges, businesses are provided with a location in which a range of experts are available for the rapid development of innovation, or to gain greater insight into current disruptive innovation market trends. There are currently nine such exchanges across the globe, some with specific focuses, such as the Munich Exchange –  home to extensive automotive Applied Innovation specialties, or the Paris Exchange – where Oculus Rift innovation is taking place. Other exchanges are located in Lille, Toulouse, Utrecht, Mumbai, and Melbourne. An exchange is planned soon for London.

Capgemini’s most recent exchange is based in San Francisco. The exchange’s specialisation will be in ‘co-innovation with established hi tech brands and start-ups’. At this exchange, selected venture capital and private equity partners are available to support promising ideas, as well as to provide access to the wider sources of industry-specific innovation resident in Silicon Valley. The San Francisco exchange will provide a secure space to support organisations gain a better grip on and implement emerging technologies such as Internet of Things, Insights and Data, Cloud, CyberSecurity and Vanguard IT.

Lanny Cohen, Global Chief Technology Officer Capgemini

“Companies can no longer innovate in isolation, or be content with development and deployment cycles measured in years, or months. The risks of not acting or acting in yesterday’s innovation paradigms are far too great,” explains Lanny Cohen, Global Chief Technology Officer and member of the Group Executive Committee at Capgemini. “Given the fast pace of emerging technology introductions, and the way they are removing traditional barriers to market entry, it is the rapid application of innovation which promises sustainable value for the enterprise. By focusing on the discipline of Applied Innovation, we are providing organisations with a path to address one of the most strategic and important dynamics in the market today.”


US change management consultancy opens office in London

23 April 2019

One year after UK consultancy Thought Provoking Consulting invested in American change management firm Change 4 Growth, it has opened its first international office in the UK. Change 4 Growth’s new London locale will see the company look to supply organisational transformation solutions crafted over the last several years in the US to British clients.

Specialising in transformational change, American retail boutique consultancy Change 4 Growth (C4G) offers an expansive range of services. This includes organisational change management, culture alignment and engagement, leadership development, training and e-learning and recruitment of staff support. Well-known retail brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Chico’s, Eddie Bauer and Ann Taylor are already among C4G’s clients, but since receiving investment from Thought Provoking Consulting in early 2018, the company has been keen to pursue expansion of its own.

Speaking at the time of the deal, Beth Thomas, CEO of C4G, commented, "I’m so excited to be working with Thought Provoking Consulting... The move will allow us to tap into a breadth of retail expertise and help our clients find solutions that are critical in this age in areas such as pricing, promotions, planning, product development and supply chain."

US change management consultancy opens office in London

In 2019, this has seen the Ohio-headquartered consultancy announce the opening of its first international office in London. Led by UK native and Managing Director, David Lucas, the base in Britain’s capital will bring the firm’s holistic service to clients in Europe looking deal with change at every level within their organisations.

Commenting via his LinkedIn profile, Lucas said, “At a time of huge technological upheaval, the importance of organisational and cultural change, married with operational speed and agility, has never been greater. Achieving that balance between people, process and technology for the digital era is the burning platform for most organisations…The C4G team… offers a spectrum of change and re-alignment capabilities and can bring proven approaches, methodologies and solutions to support the UK market.”

In the US, C4G has been able to tap into the fact that disengagement and unhappiness at work have become an epidemic across multiple sectors, resulting in poor business performance and bottom line results. With the UK’s high streets currently faltering due to an influx of e-commerce competition, Brexit pressures, and stagnating real wages, C4G will likely also find fertile ground for its retail-focused transformation services on both sides of the Atlantic.

Remarking on the firm’s arrival ‘across the pond’, Thomas concluded, “Many of our clients are global organisations who have facilities and employees around the world, and as an avid admirer of Britain’s innovative retail community, it has long been my intention to open a C4G office in the UK… With David Lucas, who brings a proven track record of transformational change at the helm and our sister company, Thought Provoking Consulting… we’re more excited than ever to explore the synergies to be discovered in having a UK powerhouse to support not only the retail sector but all industries.”