Chaucer buys IT consultancy Medley Business Solutions

10 December 2020 1 min. read
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Digital transformation consultancy Chaucer Group has acquired ICT advisory firm Medley Business Solutions. The deal creates a combined team of more than 500 consultants in the UK and US.

Founded more than 30 years ago by Bob and Chris Laslett, consulting firm Chaucer initially based its operations in providing advisory services to the oil, nuclear and construction industries. 2020 has seen consulting firm Chaucer look to begin a new phase of growth. Earlier in the year, a search for an experienced partner who could support its ambitions yielded a new partnership with BIP, which had been looking to expand its own global footprint.

The partnership marked the most significant milestone to date in BIP’s ambitious plan for growth – with revenues now expected to hit £313 million at the end of 2020 – but also enabled Chaucer to weigh up new acquisition targets. Building on an client portfolio across the energy, life sciences, public services, law enforcement, legal and manufacturing sectors, Chaucer has now added Medley Business Solutions to its ranks.

Chris Laslett and Tim Eglen

Chaucer CEO Chris Laslett commented, “I am delighted to welcome Medley into the Chaucer family. We have been working closely together as partners in the past and I am looking forward to continue our journey now as one team.”

Founded in 1997, and still managed by founder Tim Eglen, the Guildford-headquartered company is a successful IT and management consultancy. Medley provides independent client-side services from strategy through to implementation and operation, and delivers services to central government, criminal justice, law enforcement, government agencies and NDPBs.

Speaking on the news, Eglen said, “We are excited about this opportunity. It is a great chance for Medley and our employees to build on our on-going successful growth and create new value for our clients, citizens and wider society. Chaucer is an ideal partner as we have shared values and ways of working.”