OC&C partners with two social impact organisations in London

18 September 2020 Consultancy.uk 3 min. read

International consultancy OC&C Strategy Consultants has announced the formation of partnerships with two UK charities. The consultancy will support the Youth Endowment Fund and NSPCC in order to drive their social impact in Britain.

Commenting on the news, OC&C Partner Bennet Summers said, “OC&C have a longstanding commitment to do challenging, impactful pro bono work with organisations that share our values and ambition, and both YEF and NSPCC are organisations that work in areas of real social impact and think hard about how to do the most good. We have involved everyone in the UK office in prioritising areas that our people are passionate about and working with our social impact partners.”

OC&C Strategy Consultants will look to use its commercial and organisational skills and expertise to support both organisations to deliver impact to their communities.

OC&C partners with two social impact organisations in London

Youth Endowment Fund

In the case of YEF, OC&C will apply an analytical approach to help make a lasting difference on issues that have a huge impact on young people across the country.

Founded with a ten-year government investment of £200 million, YEF works to prevent children and young people becoming involved in crime and violence. The fund does this by investing in and evaluating projects, listening to young people and using data to build working social solutions. OC&C and YEF will now work together across various strategic projects, such as a place-based prioritisation programme, and will leverage each other’s resources and expertise where possible in terms of training, mentoring and fundraising.

Jon Yates, YEF’s Executive Director, added, “OC&C’s commitment to finding out what works to make the biggest difference to children and young people is what makes them great partners for the Youth Endowment Fund. By working together on strategic projects, we’ll be able to make lasting and sustainable change. We’re proud to be working with them to prevent children and young people’s lives being devastated by involvement in violent crime.”


As the UK's leading child protection charity, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) provides services across the country. It works to help children who’ve been abused, protect children at risk and find the best ways to preventing child abuse – something OC&C will now support via a range of strategy projects.

With OC&C, the NSPCC will work on some of the charities most pressing strategic questions. These will vary in topic and focus, but will have a common theme of delivering the best impacts for the charity and the children it supports. As well as delivering pro-bono projects, the partnership will see OC&C employees volunteering and fundraising for the charity.

NSPCC’s Head of Partnerships Michael McGrath said of the partnership, “We are delighted OC&C has chosen the NSPCC as a charity partner. Having worked together previously on business development projects, we have seen first-hand the powerful insight that OC&C can bring to organisational strategy. By focusing on pro bono support, volunteering and fundraising – our new partnership can have a transformative impact for children.”