Newcastle-based cultural consultancy enjoys 30% growth

13 March 2019 2 min. read
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A consultancy based in Newcastle has enjoyed annual growth of 30% following strong demand for assistance with recruitment in the region. With UK employment still riding high, meaning firms face a competitive market for talent, Duo Global Consulting has announced it aims to surpass that with further growth planned for 2019.

In a market that is highly competitive, with skill shortages increasingly impacting a number of industries, it is more important than ever to do something different to attract and retain great talent. DUO Global Consulting is a professional services firm based in the North East of England. The consultancy works with clients in the region to engage new talent through creation of value-driven company cultures.

Founded in 2014 by Managing Director Laura Weaving and Commercial Director Sarah Callender, Duo specialises in employee behaviours, and works with scale-up businesses to attract and engage high-performing people, based on their behaviours. With the UK’s employment level at its highest since 1975, it is no surprise that Duo has seen booming demand in the last year, as its clients look to secure a new generation of workers.DUO Global Consulting - Unluck the potential of your workforceThe Newcastle-based consultancy announced a turnover growth of over 30% in 2018, and has further growth planned for the coming year, according to its leadership. This includes the further development of an in-house software as a service (SAAS) initiative, while the firm looks to better its last financial year by securing at least 40% growth.

Speaking to business news site BDaily, Laura Weaving said, “2018 was an incredible year for us – the team and I are truly motivated by working with scale-up business to both find the right people to support their growth, alongside optimising team behaviours to increase performance.”

Since its establishment, Duo has worked with companies across the UK and US. It has deployed a hands-on approach to help companies optimise employee quality and performance with tools such as career mapping, vision and values integration and change management.