TNXTO launches customer centricity programme for London-based organisations

31 May 2018 3 min. read

Consultancy firm The Next Organization (TNXTO) has launched a new research programme for companies in the UK’s capital city that are seeking to bolster innovation in their marketing departments. By participating in the programme, the initiators highlight that valuable insights can be garnered for further enhancing customer centricity.

Customer needs are undergoing rapid change on the back of new trends and technologies entering the scene. As a result, business contexts are rapidly evolving, with companies finding it difficult to navigate the change and successfully embed future-proof business models into their DNA.

One of the areas that is being heavily impacted is client-facing operations, which besides facing pressure to transform to meet new demands, has also been elevated to the top of the boardroom agenda. Topics such as customer excellence and customer service have become increasingly important strategic differentiators. “It is nowadays of crucial importance that companies become more customer centric and gain a more in-depth understanding of their customers and place them at the centre of value creation,” explains Yasin Sahhar, a Consultant and PhD researcher at The Next Organization.

Founded in 2010, The Next Organization helps to improve the commercial performance of profit and non-profit organisations through innovating and improving business models, with a focus on strategy, marketing, sales and digital. The firm’s base is based in Bussum (the Netherlands), the consultancy meanwhile is expanding its offices into the UK (London) and Ghana (Accra).

TNXTO launches customer centricity programme for London-based organisations

It is in the firm’s Dutch headquarters where the Value Proposition Research Programme (VPRP) was first rolled-out. “Several organisations have joined our programme in the Netherlands [including Thales, CED, and Riwal] with the aim of becoming more customer centric, and now we have decided to launch the programme across the North Sea too,” says Sahhar. “Organisations based in London are invited to participate.”

Becoming more customer centric

“Through participating in this one-year research programme, organisations become familiar with the latest knowledge in the field of marketing and ultimately become pioneers in customer centricity,” states Sahhar. “Better understand one’s customers paves the way for offering more innovative and compelling products and services, which down the line will positively impact performance.”

At the heart of the firm’s programme is what the organisers call a new perspective on value, called “value-in-use”. Sahhar: “It enables a more integral and in-depth view on customer insights. Using this approach, from strategy through to execution, enhances the customer’s value experience. Besides this, the programme focuses on how organisations successfully can become part of the customer’s value creation process. In other words, it allows organisations to ‘co-create value’ with their customers.”

The fundament of the research program is supported by leading academic research developed in collaboration with the Dutch University of Twente. In addition, the programme cooperates with companies to add practical knowledge to the academic fundament.

London-based organisations seeking more information on the Value Proposition Research Programme can contact Yasin Sahhar directly.