Mott MacDonald supports 1 billion water plan alliance

19 February 2015 2 min. read

As part of the Thames Water’s asset management plan, Mott MacDonald has been appointed a supporting role to the team that won the contract for the implementation of the asset management plan. The consortium will deliver repair, maintenance and all associated activities.

Thames Water is a private water utility that services 15 million customers, 27% of the UK population, across the Thames river basin. As with all UK water utility companies, Thames Water is bound by a well-defined – five year – asset management plan (AMP). The aim of the plan is create a minimum standard of service for the utility and to provide guidelines, set by the Water Services Regulation Authority (OFWAT) for the improvement of water based assets around the UK. In the AMP6, which covers the period between 2015 and 2020, the aim of the regulator is to shift emphasis from “ticking regulatory boxes” toward an approach that focuses on creating value for money for customers. With the AMP period also focusing on meeting European Union legislation on issues related to water quality and wildlife habitats.

Mott MacDonald supports Agility Alliance joint venture

In order for Thames Water to meet the requirements of the AMP6, a number of alliances have been formed around different elements of the plan. To cover the £1 billion infrastructure element, an alliance between J. Murphy & Sons and Morrison Utility Services, named the Agility Alliance joint venture (JV), was chosen the preferred bidder by Thames Water.

Mott MacDonald
As part of the deal, Mott MacDonald has been appointed to provide a “major supporting role” to the JV. The consulting firm will work with the JV to deliver repair, maintenance and all associated activities that will drive down leakage and reduce interruptions to supply for customers. While the contract period for the alliance is set as the end of the AMP6 period, there is the possibility of a 10 year extension into the AMP7 and AMP8 regulatory periods.

“Mott MacDonald played a significant part in interpreting and communicating Thames Water’s regulatory position, coming up with practical solutions to improve efficiencies, and had a prominent role in supporting Agility in the preparation of the submission documents,” comments David Thomas, Manager of Mott MacDonald’s Water Business. Further remarking on the appointment that: “The Agility Alliance was selected not only for having the right capacity and capability to deliver the services, but equally for demonstrating the cultures and behaviours that align with Thames Water’s vision and values.”