2018 edition of Procurement Trends study launched for participants

12 October 2017 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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Consulting firm Supply Value has launched the survey for its annual ‘Procurement Trends’ research. The study, now in its sixth year, allows professionals in the procurement and supply chain industries to provide their view on top trends and developments in the landscape.

The procurement function is facing major change, due in part to the non-stop period of digital innovation and technological advancement, which has seen every part of operations affected by new, agile competitors. Procurement is a major part of the business ecosystem, and therefore, it plays an instrumental role in helping businesses cut costs, and ensuring that external disruptions are kept to minimum, to facilitate a smooth supply chain at the start of many important procedures. As a result it is acutely impacted by changing client demands.

2018 edition of Procurement Trends study launched for participants

Against the backdrop of change, it is important for procurement and supply chain professionals to stay on top of the rapid changes that are hitting their fences. One firm which provides professionals in the domain with a foothold is Supply Value, a consulting firm based in the Netherlands. The firm runs an annual ‘Procurement Trends’ survey in Dutch and English in order to give an overview of the key concerns and trends within the segment, the last edition of which drew the responses of more than 550 experts from over 20 countries, with participants originating from a wide range of sectors.

Among the main results from previous editions of the study are that cooperation within value chains are gaining prominence, technology is getting an increasingly strategic role within procurement, ensuring agility for innovation is key and that integration with other business functions is becoming top-of-mind, to ensure a great and seamless customer experience.

The data gathering phase of the 2018 edition of the survey was launched early this week, as Supply Value seek the opinions of professionals working in procurement and/or supply chain services once again. Professionals are invited to participate in the 5-minute questionnaire – participants will in return receive the final version of the study in December, free of charge. Providing further incentive for engagement, a wine package worth €50 will be raffled.

The survey can be accessed through this link.