Arcadis secures £3 million per annum contract with Wakefield Council

03 November 2016 2 min. read

The Wakefield Metropolitan District Council has hired Arcadis, as a subcontractor of Engie, to deliver Property and Facilities Management Services. The deal is valued at £3 million per annum for at least seven years.

The Wakefield Metropolitan District Council, a member of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, is a metropolitan district council covering the full breadth of council related service provisions to the City of Wakefield in West Yorkshire. The region has faced considerable hurdles in recent years, with austerity policies and a slowdown in regional GVA to 1.7%.

In a bid to better utilise its infrastructure assets, the Council recently decided to seek external partners for the management of a range of services, from Property and Facilities Management Services to cleaning services.

Arcadis secures £3 million per annum contract with Wakefield Council

One of the winners of a framework contract with the Council is Engie, along with subcontractor Arcadis, who will deliver Property and Facilities Management Services for the Council. The contract has a value of around £3 million per annum for the consultancy firm, with a seven year initial contracting period – an additional three years of extension remain a possibility.

The deal will see Arcadis provide a range of services, including property and estates management, and professional and project services, aimed at reducing the council’s spend this year by £27 million. The firm aims to support the council to improve its regional infrastructure as well as employ locally to boost the region’s economic growth.

Bill Green, Arcadis head of strategic partnerships, explains, “Councils are under more pressure than ever before to deliver better outcomes using less resources and that looks set to continue. With less money available, public sector organisations are turning to long term partners to optimise the benefits from combining public and private sector capabilities. It is a privilege to be assisting one of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s leading members through the creation of more efficient and sustainable services, whilst working together to deliver better outcomes for local people across the Wakefield District over the next decade.”