GeeFirm helps Moyee Coffee migrate to Google Apps for Work

16 August 2016

Moyee Coffee, an internet based coffee retailer, has migrated its IT infrastructure to Google Apps for Work. The implementation of the new software and the transition process was guided by GeeFirm, a Netherlands-based Google for Work Partner that serves the professional services industry.

Moyee Coffee produces and delivers quality coffee grown and roasted in Ethiopia. The company differentiates itself through its focus on ‘fair value’ principles. “For decades the world has enjoyed the finest of Ethiopia’s Arabica coffee, while the majority of the profit has failed to reach the farmers. My vision for Moyee is to establish the world’s first specialty coffee brand that is as equitable as it is delicious. A company that produces quality beans and still delivers fair value”, says Ahadu Woubshet, Managing Partner of Moyee Coffee in Ethiopia.

The coffee expert bases its financial structuring on the FairChain principle. FairChain is a 50/50 company with local entrepreneurs and is responsible for the production. Moyee is tasked with sales and distribution, with the proceeds shared properly. With the shift in the coffee chain, Moyee Coffee aims to improve the lives of millions of people in a “radical and positive way”.

Moyee Coffee

On the back of the firm’s expanding footprint – Moyee Coffee has grown into a serious internet based coffee retailer, in particular in Western Europe – the company recently decided to optimise its technology backbone. Guido van Staveren van Dijk, Managing Partner of Moyee Coffee in the Netherlands, says: “We are building a modern company: online, data-driven, mobile, and as automated as possible. In Moyee’s view, the world is our arena. For example, we are already working in countries such as Ireland, Denmark, and Dubai. IT should support all these endeavours. Our existing IT fell short.”

The firm turned to GeeFirm, a Google for Work partner. The Amsterdam-based services provider helped Moyee Coffee with the transition to Google’s cloud-based suite of business products. “We’re fully working in the cloud. This has greatly increased our freedom of movement as well as our operational speed”, comments Van Staveren van Dijk.

Jeroen Hovinga, Sales & Marketing Director at GeeFirm, says he is pleased to welcome Moyee Coffee as a new customer, adding that he believes there is a click between the two firms. “Moyee Coffee provides superior coffee based on the social Fair Chain principle. At GeeFirm, we feel an affinity with passionate entrepreneurs who have a compelling mission and offer.”

As part of the collaboration, GeeFirm has come up with a noteworthy campaign for all its relations: “To celebrate the cooperation, our business contacts can acquaint themselves with Moyee’s nice and fair product at GeeFirm’s expense.”


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Capgemini provides IT services for BAE Systems Maritime-Submarines

24 April 2019

BAE Systems Maritime-Submarines has confirmed a five-year contract with Capgemini to take over the provision of a spectrum of IT services in the UK. The deal will help BAE Systems Maritime-Submarines reduce the cost of IT from its base in Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria.

Since the firm’s UK profits were found to have halved in 2018, Capgemini has been working to improve its offering and attract new clients. In the summer, the global IT services consultancy combined a number of its creative wings to form Capgemini Invent, while a deal with Amazon Web Services enabled the firm to improve its cost-saving digital offering to clients looking for IT outsourcing work.

In the last year, Capgemini has subsequently won a series of contracts leveraging its IT delivery services on behalf of a variety of entities. The firm partnered with Statoil to deliver digital innovation across the company, as well as taking a role to innovate the fan experience of the Rugby World Cup 7s tournament, and replacing Atos as the IT services provider of McDonald’s

Capgemini provides IT services for BAE Systems Maritime-Submarines

Now, the firm has continued this surge of new business with the confirmation of a partnership with BAE Systems, which will see Capgemini collaborate on a key defence contract. Capgemini’s five-year contract with BAE Systems Maritime-Submarines will see Capgemini take over the provision of a spectrum of IT services for the BAE wing in the UK, including service orchestration, networking, hosting, end-user computing, DevOps, reporting and analytics, automation, and a digital service desk.

BAE Systems has been looking to improve its bottom line in the UK in recent years, and the move is aimed at transforming its Maritime-Submarines business IT delivery, allowing the company to take advantage of innovative digital technologies, create better user experiences, ensure high service availability, and reduce the cost of IT, from its base in Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria. Capgemini’s IT solution was selected because of its ability to support the company’s evolving requirements, including the need to further enhance the responsiveness of the IT service, and effectiveness and agility of the delivery model.

Stephen Cole, CIO, BAE Systems Submarines, said, “As we embarked on this critical programme for our Submarines business that will deliver improved agile digital services, world-class service transformation and orchestration capabilities underpinned by very strong references were essential in our selection process. We are confident that Capgemini met these requirements and is the right partner for us. The team really understands where we are trying to get to as a business and its collaborative approach alongside its commitment to developing skills in the local area were paramount to our decision.”

Paul Margetts, Managing Director, UK Business Unit at Capgemini, added, “We are delighted to expand upon our business relationship with BAE Systems. Having worked with the company over the past four years, we have seen the tremendous opportunities for change that this programme presents and are hugely excited to be part of the journey at BAE Systems Maritime-Submarines, to help the company make a step change and satisfy new business requirements. We also look forward to increasing our involvement with the local North West community and Barrow in particular.”