VOGSY: The only PSA solution built on Google’s G Suite

20 November 2019 Consultancy.uk 3 min. read
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The rapid pace of change and speed of business today has made information more critical than ever for professional services firms. As a result, information is today the new currency in professional services. Using data, among other processes, financials and decision-making can be analysed and improved. Professional services automation (PSA) solutions play an integral part in realising such improvements.

VOGSY, the only PSA solution built on Google’s G Suite, offers business process support and integration across the core processes of professional services organisations. It’s built on a single, accessible platform and supports employees across all departments. Perhaps VOGSY’s greatest differentiator is that it built a simple yet sophisticated PSA solution that engages users to do more.

VOGSY offers customer relationship management, resource management, project management, collaboration, time and expense management, billing and other functionality necessary to take engagements from sales through invoicing (the full quote-to-cash process). This process is the core function of professional services organisations, running from sales of services through delivery and invoicing and collection – ultimately forming the fundament of revenue and profit objectives.

VOGSY: The only PSA solution built on Google's G Suite

In order to better plan and execute work, information needs to span multiple departments. With VOGSY, each department has the tools necessary to manage business, with the insight and drill-down capabilities to improve overall efficiency and profitability. Some of the capabilities by stakeholder include:

Executives: VOGSY provides a global view of all operations. It offers the ability to easily understand areas where performance exceeds or doesn’t meet expectations. Dashboards are simple to use, and therefore, better for understanding the health of an organisation.

Marketing & Sales: VOGSY gives users visibility into the sales process, balancing pipeline versus backlog to ensure services are ready to execute. With easy-to-use screens, users can better understand where bids are won or lost, and how rates can increase chances of winning bids. Insight into resources, from use of contractors to managing employee capacity, can also drive planning and forecasting.

Project Teams: VOGSY at its core is a PSA solution. It manages resources, schedules, activities and deliverables. It also provides a collaborative framework for team members to more efficiently deliver services. As work is done, VOGSY provides time and expense capture, which in real-time helps executives better manage service delivery and margin.

Finance & Operations: VOGSY oversees all financial information associated with selling and delivering services. It provides the infrastructure for planning and forecasting. As services are delivered and invoiced, it ensures billing is correct, so invoices are collected in a timely manner. It also allows executives to continually manage margin and cash flow.

In practice

Commenting on the benefits of using VOGSY, one client (a marketing consultancy) said: “Our revenue growth and ROI data was guiding us daily, but our internal operational management process wasn’t keeping up – there was too much complexity. We were in need of simpler workflows and a more streamlined analysis of work.”

“As we were onboarding VOGSY, we found we needed to revisit some key performance tracking metrics tied to parts of our business that were becoming less important to manage. In the past, we had ever-expanding lists of what needed tracking and measuring. The ability to automate so many processes and simplify workflows quickly narrowed it down. The immediate insights helped us plan resources better, reduce waste and free up our team for more profitable work.”

“With VOGSY, we were able to quickly mature as an organisation, tie analytics more closely to our future vision, simplify processes and think of the business in ways that continually move us ahead.”