White Stratus partners with VOGSY to bring PSA solution to the UK

05 October 2018 Consultancy.uk 5 min. read
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UK-based White Stratus, an IT consultancy specialised in Google’s G Suite platform, has joined the global partner programme of VOGSY, a provider of an innovative professional services automation (PSA) platform. 

VOGSY’s PSA solution helps service-oriented companies with running their business, spanning the entire quote-to-cash life-cycle, from sales and business development to project delivery, resource management and financial management. The PSA platform in addition facilitates collaboration between all parties involved, including clients, fee-earners and other professionals that play a role in the value chain. “Executives, managers and staff can all get their job done faster and easier with VOGSY,” said Mark van Leeuwen, the firm’s CEO.

Unique about VOGSY is that the entire product is built on the Google Cloud Platform, allowing the system’s users to take full advantage of all of the tools, capabilities and security that Google offers through G Suite, its portfolio of products and services for enterprises. Apps that are part of G Suite include Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, Slides and Sheets.

After launching in the fourth quarter of 2016, Google admitted VOGSY into the G Suite Marketplace just six months later. Commenting on the recognition, André Hoekzema, a leader in Google’s Cloud business, said “VOGSY is a fine example of the capabilities that the Google platform has to offer.” Since, a host of firms in the professionals services industry have implemented VOGSY, including SS Branch, a consultancy in the US; Kirkman Company, a management consultancy in the Netherlands; Specialisterren, a company lauded by McKinsey & Company as a potential societal disruptor; as well as several other consultancies and agency’s in marketing, design, technology and event management.

White Stratus partners with VOGSY to bring PSA solution to the UK

While VOGSY’s growing stature is partly due to Google’s growing footprint in the business landscape, including in the professional services segment, an analyst at Service Performance Insight (SPI), an independent research agency, recently named VOGSY as the runaway PSA leader leveraging the Google G Suite platform. “Google is well-established and admired as a leader in search, analytics, and more. The company is now positioned as a leading platform for enterprises, with the number of professional services organisations moving to G Suite rapidly growing as companies look for a more agile, collaborative approach with less overhead and lower costs,” said Jeanne Urich, a Managing Director at SPI. “VOGSY has emerged as the leading PSA solution on the Google platform,” she added.

On the back of its growth, VOGSY’s team last month launched a global partner programme. Similar to such programmes at rivals, the scheme provides clients the assurance that qualified partners are capable of delivering excellence in VOGSY advisory and implementation. Meanwhile, consultancies and IT companies that are admitted into VOGSY’s partner programme benefit from close collaboration with VOGSY’s experts, access to support and a network of clients seeking support. “This new programme offers our partners an opportunity to deepen their client relationships on their quest to becoming a true one-stop shop from infrastructure to core business applications,” commented Van Leeuwen. 

White Stratus

One of the first companies to join the partner programme is White Stratus, an enterprise cloud computing consultancy and long-serving Google Cloud partner. Founded in 2009, and based in Leicester, White Stratus focuses 100% on Google technologies, serving its international customer base through its further offices in the US, Netherlands, Japan and Australia.

Zuber Vindhani, Business Development Manager at White Stratus, pointed at VOGSY’s tailored solution for professional services firms as the main reason for striking a partnership. According to him, “VOGSY goes allows us to go beyond basic Google G Suite functionality including functionality for project, budget and resource management, as well as built in automation that help our clients run their business from quote to cash. This increases the value of Google G Suite, helps businesses run far more efficiently and improves overall profitability.” 

Vindhani added that VOGSY can be used by professional services companies of all sizes, big and small, helping them to unlock data silos, bring teams together and nurture profitability, using the best-of-breed cloud tools. “This new partnership comes at a time in which White Stratus is expanding to help agencies and consulting firms access an innovative and easy-to-use PSA solution, so we’re excited to bring this platform to the UK.”

Commenting on the partnership with White Stratus, Van Leeuwen said, “We were looking for a partner in the UK. White Stratus’ expertise, innovative approach and commitment to the professional services market make them an ideal partner for VOGSY. Together we can help professional services companies grow their business and drive the outcomes they need through actionable insights into the health of their business.”

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