EY moves into Arup designed sustainable skyscraper in Sydney

19 October 2016 Consultancy.uk 4 min. read

Sydney's business district has seen its latest skyscraper, located at 200 George Street, open its doors. The new, distinctive building offers a range of sustainability oriented features that makes it world class in terms of sustainability design. Consultancy firm Arup provided a range of services in the design, engineering and construction of the building – EY will take up 81% of the office space in the building as of January 2017.

As the world, including Australia, becomes more aware of the damage caused to the environment by human activities, more and more focus is being placed on developing innovative, sustainable, built environment solutions. One area in which considerable benefits can be realised, both in sustainability as well as costs, is office design.

200 George Street, Sydney, is the latest skyscraper to cut the city’s skyline. The new building stands 155 meters, has 37 storeys and adds 39,200 square metres of office space to the city. The building was designed by architects Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (FJMT) and developed by owner-contractor Mirvac. The building had a $600 million price tag and officially opened on the 22nd of June.

Green star

The building features a range of designs that not merely create a distinctive façade with “shimmering, golden curves” but, in addition, makes it one of the most advanced and sustainable properties in Australia. The building gained 6 stars from the Green Buildings Council of Australia, defining its construction not only with national excellence but also world leadership in sustainable design.

EY Sidney is moving to 200 George St

The skyscraper features a façade that fits in with the surrounding city while maintaining excellent environmental performance through a double skin and clever blind design. In addition, the building has a wide range of sensors that enables it to respond to occupancy requirements as well as wider environmental conditions to optimise its overall internal environment – from automated light and ventilation to responsive shading. Further features include a highly efficient LED lighting system, providing energy consumption savings of 30%to 50% on traditional systems, as well as water recycling systems and 300 bicycle spaces to encourage fitness and reduce congestion and pollution.

Mirvac hired Arup to deliver a range of sustainability design consultancy and engineering support to the project. The professional services firm delivered an environmentally sustainable design for the project; alongside mechanical, electrical, hydraulics and fire engineering; vertical transportation; and lighting design. The consultancy also provided building physics analysis and early concept work, which identified the closed-cavity façade solution.

Robert Saidman, Building Services Leader NSW at Arup, says “This building is a reminder that best-practise design and practical innovation, which emphasises wellbeing and amenity, can lead to world-class sustainability outcomes. 200 George Street represents a new standard for buildings, occupant focused, and able to achieve 6 Star Green Star performance standards without “bolt-on” technologies such as blackwater and trigeneration.”

EY moves up

The new building will be host to anchor tenant EY, who take over approximately 25,760 square metres of office space in the new development for a ten year lease. The firm will, in addition, gain the sky signage rights to the new building. The lease begins from January 2017. Tony Johnson, CEO & Regional Managing Partner, EY says “The EY Centre – here at 200 George Street – will be a Sydney landmark and brings EY to the Sydney Harbour end of the CBD. We’re excited to be moving to this custom-built working environment, which has been designed and built around the way our people work.”

Last year EY moved into a new global headquarters, based in London, at 6 More London Place.