EY moves into its new global headquarters in London

21 December 2015 Consultancy.uk 2 min. read
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Professional services firm EY has officially opened its new global headquarters at 6 More London Place in London. The new premises provides a modern open office space and leading-edge technology and will house around 800 professionals.

Workplace of the Future
The new office space is the latest phase of the transition to ‘Workplace of the Future’ in EY’s London premises. This transition aims at providing modern office spaces that are designed around how people work, not where they work from, supported by the latest technology, design and environmental standards. The new offices offer a variety of spaces designed for activity-based working, “with people choosing which space to use based on the work they are doing that day.” Nancy Altobello, EY’s Global Vice-Chair of Talent, explains the benefits of the new offices: “EY’s Workplace of the Future offices provide energising and efficient work spaces that, together with our flexible and high-performance teaming approaches, enable us to attract and retain talent.”

EY moves new global headquarters in London

The London office, which is moved from the Becket House on 1 Lambeth Palace Road, will be based on 6 More London Place and functions as the firm’s new global headquarters. The location comprises 56,500 square feet and will house 800 people. In addition to the new 6 More London Place office, EY also has ‘Workplace of the Future’-spaces in its 1 More London Place and the headquarters of its EMEIA Financial Services operation at 25 Churchill Place. Globally, 57 locations have been transformed into the ‘Workplace of the Future’ locations, with the intention of having 53,000 EY people working in such offices by the end of June 2016.

“There is a great sense of energy and creativity in our new global headquarters,” says Mark Weinberger, EY’s Global Chairman and CEO. “The open space environment and leading-edge technology is making a big difference to how our people work together – it’s a really exciting place to be.” The new way of working may already paying off as the firm’s global revenue jumped 11% to $28.7 billion in FY15, while its UK operations grew its fee income by 8% to £2.010 billion.