Stressed advisor destroys gleaming new Fiat 500 with axe

20 November 2014 2 min. read

Hard work is almost synonymous with consultancy. That from time to time it can be too much to handle for some, is a known phenomenon within the industry. The pressure to perform is not only demanding in the consulting industry, however, accountancy too has a high workload with high pressure – if a telling story from Italy is anything to go by. 

The 35 year old Italian Spartaco Capon from Lissone gashed his Fiat 500 to shreds with an axe. In obstinacy to his efforts, his car refused to start. Capon bought a car in response to his bosses warning about his being late to work, a situation which he had attributed to the poor performance of the public transport system. That his shiny new car also wasn’t able to solve his transportation issue, was the last straw. The consequence: with his fairy Italian temperament, and his axe, the car was given a sharp seeing to.

Destroyed FIAT 500

From a call made by his neighbours, the police were quickly on the scene, with blunt questions pertaining to the apparent act of vandalism. Luckily, Capon was able to show that it was his own ride he was seeing to. The distraught accountant was brought to a hospital where doctors helped calm him down. After a number of tests, the doctors suggested he stay home for a few days – an assessment agreed to by his employer. Besides rest and relaxation, several sessions with a psychiatrist were recommended, with the expectation that he would soon be back to his controlled accountancy demeanour. His car was declared a total loss, and is expected to be scrapped, tells the British website Mirror Online.

Consultancy firms combat stress
Awareness about the effects of stress on the human body and its functioning has become better understood in recent decades. Firms that want their workforce to be well, for themselves and for their quality of work and long term longevity at the firm, are investing in various way to relieve the stress of their workers. Plans rolled out in recent years by consulting firms include part time work, access to nature, gym memberships and other sports related activities. By taking stress seriously, and in employers engaging constructively with their employees that exhibit it, in the future, Fiat 500s might be saved the axe.