Altran sponsors High Integrity Software 2014 conference

01 October 2014 2 min. read
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Consulting firm Altran, together with AdaCore, has decided to sponsor the newly set up High Integrity Software 2014 conference. The event is expected to be attended by more than hundred experts from the software engineering industry that come to share information and knowledge, and would like to contribute to the development of safe and sound high integrity systems operating data.

In the world of today with highly-interconnected and mobile systems, there is a need for applications to demonstrate safe operation and security for the data being handled. The failure of software-based systems can have profound consequences for individuals and companies. To ensure the safe operation of data, sound technologies are needed, technologies that are best developed through cooperation and exchange of information on failures and best practices.

High Integrity Software 2014
The High Integrity Software 2014 (HIS 2014) conference has been set up with the goal of sharing information about key challenges and recent developments in high-integrity software engineering. The event will provide a forum with keynote speeches of leading international software experts, and presentations on current experience in space, automotive, security, medical and avionics industries. The HIS 2014 will profile high integrity software development toolsets such as SPARK*, and feature an exhibition where experts can get introduced to key product and services vendors in a range of high integrity software sectors.

High Integrity Software - Altran and AdaCore

Over 100 senior software engineers and academics experts are expected to attend the HIS 2014, to gain insights into safe and secure programming standards, techniques and processes, on 23 October 2014, at the Royal Marriott Hotel in Bristol.

Altran and AdaCore
High-tech engineering consulting firm Altran and AdaCore, a provider of commercial software solutions, will sponsor the newly set-up event. “It is very exciting for Altran UK to be closely involved with the inception of this important new conference. High Integrity Software 2014 will provide a forum for engineers to share best practice in dependable software development across industrial sectors and address the key challenges facing our industry,” says Stuart Matthews, SPARK Product Manager at Altran.

The cooperative sponsorship follows their recent engineering partnership to release SPARK Pro 14.0, an integrated high-integrity development and verification toolset, that allows provides SPARK users with more powerful and easier to use tools that support SPARK 2014.

* SPARK is a programming language and a set of software development products for high assurance software, used in the development of CubeSat, a satellite launched orbit in 2013.