Indian software services firm GlobalEdge acquired by Altran

28 September 2017 2 min. read

The French engineering solutions and consulting firm Altran has made an attempt to expand its presence in India by acquiring GlobalEdge; an India-based software solutions firm. The move not only helps the consultancy expand operations in India, but also bolsters Altran’s attempts to tap into the profitable US market in future, with GlobalEdge catering to a number of American clients via its California office.

GlobalEdge Software is an Indian product engineering company, which specialises in embedded software solutions as well as Internet of Things (IoT) solutions through its prominent Intelligence of Things branding. While the industries of focus for the firm are Semiconductors, Telecoms and the automotive industry, the firm delves into a number of areas for innovative electronic solutions.

With its staff of 1,000 engineers, distributed across four locations in India, the acquisition of GlobalEdge will substantially boost Altran’s operations in the country. The move ties into Altran’s larger strategy of Industrialised GlobalShore delivery capabilities, which are designed to transmit the firm’s wide expertise to local markets through the establishment of world-class facilities in a number of locations around the world. The comprehensive strategy is aimed at providing end-to-end solutions, ranging from designing prototypes to testing final products.

GlobalEgde + AltranIn addition to providing continuity to Altran’s strategic framework, the acquisition also provides the firm with a foot in the door of the US software market. GlobalEdge has a number of US-based clients, the needs of whom it caters to through its California-based team of engineers. The acquisition also endows Altran with further expertise in connectivity technology such as 5G, as well as with a major boost to experience in embedded software development, something GlobalEdge specialise in.

Summarising the move, Altran Chairman and CEO Dominique Cerutti said, “I am delighted to announce the acquisition of GlobalEdge, which is strategically aligned with the objectives of Altran 2020. Ignition. GlobalEdge has shown its capacity to generate steady and profitable growth while diversifying its portfolio in industries which are strategic priorities for Altran. The company will actively support the expansion plans of Altran North America, thanks to its clear positioning with a strong focus on marquee clients, and high value-added solutions that could be leveraged at Altran Group level to accelerate growth.”

Meanwhile, Founder and CEO of GlobalEdge AP Kumar commented, “We are thrilled to be able to take superior end-to-end solutions to our clients based on Altran’s expertise in product development and intelligent systems. Being a part of Altran gives our employees greater opportunities for growth and to create greater value for our clients in dramatically different ways. We believe the combination creates an unbeatable force in the IoT, connectivity and embedded world that can provide solutions that address many more industries.”