Mercer & eShare launch eGovernance for pension schemes

24 September 2014 2 min. read

Mercer UK has together with eShare launched a new service that helps pension schemes with the move to paperless meetings. The new offering – dubbed ‘eGovernance’ – will according to the partners enable insurance companies to improve their governance and at the same time boost their operational efficiency.

Over the past years pension scheme trustees have come under increasing pressure to run their operations in a smarter and more efficient manner. One of the key enablers for achieving this goal is technology – the application of new technology and solutions can for instance improve insight in key metrics, streamline business processes and facilitate better communication. Also in the area of governance the role of IT is increasingly gaining ground, with paperless meetings one of the key trends currently being adopted.

BoardPacks - Mercer

To meet the growing demand for paperless meetings, Mercer has decided to team up with eShare to launch an integrated eGovernance offering. At the heart of the solution stands BoardPacks*, eShare’s board management software that allows users to safely access, manage and store scheme documents, arrange meetings, log decisions and actions as well as maintain a risk register. The offering is complemented by Mercer’s extensive governance expertise, which includes support with designing the governance tools such as the risk register, and implementing best governance practices.  

According to Clare Owen, Head of Mercer’s Governance group, the new service offering will be of a large benefit for trustees and committees, allowing them to focus “on the more critical decisions”. In addition, in her view also “help reduce the preparation time for trustees and committees, improve data security, allow real-time access to documents and increase the efficiency and timeliness of post-meeting activity.”

Mercer e-Governance

Alister Esam, CEO at BoardPacks, adds: “In this digital age, the volume of information is increasing, and organisations need to increase the speed, agility and intelligence with which they make critical business decisions and manage business risk. Good, secure, digital data management systems can help organisations put the processes in place to support this, whilst also achieving significant cost and resource benefits by removing paper from the board and committee meeting. We are delighted to be working with Mercer and supporting their clients to run their schemes effectively.”