Altran recruiting 4.600 new engineers and consultants

06 August 2014 1 min. read
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Altran has launched a huge recruitment campaign worldwide, that aims at recruiting 4.600 professionals, of which more than 90% will be employed in Europe.

International engineering and consulting firm Altran has around 21,000 employees, is active in over 20 countries and has a turnover of more than €1.6 billion. In line with its worldwide strategy – that includes ambitious growth objectives – Altran has announced that it wants to boost its team with 4,600 new employees. Almost half of the new assets will be hired in France, Altran’s home market. When looking at the division of experience, around one-third will be graduates, one-third professionals with 1 to 4 years of experience and the rest experienced engineers and consultants.

Altran Recruitment Target

Recruitment campaign
To win the battle for top talent, Altran has invented an innovative campaign, with a focus on case studies – innovative projects in which Altran is involved. Altran will be present at job fairs with 3D-printers, and candidates will be able to access more information on the consulting firm and flagship projects, such as Solar Impulse, the Lotus F1 team, the ‘connected car’ and Airbus A380, through an iPad application. Altran also launched a video in which its prism, the symbol chosen by the group to illustrate a blossoming idea, by means of a series of transformations discloses in which sectors Altran is active. These sectors include automotive, healthcare and aviation.

According to Fréderic Fougerat, Vice President Communication at Altran, the distinctive recruitment campaign has been a conscious decision. “Altran’s first worldwide recruitment campaign meets applicants’ three main expectations which, according to the latest Universum study, are working in a creative, dynamic environment, learning and taking up challenges.” Moreover, focus on innovation and combination between technology and advice matches the DNA of the consulting firm, says Fougerat.