Online consulting platform launches in UK

04 August 2014 2 min. read
More news on, an online platform that focuses on the management consulting industry, has today launched its operations in the United Kingdom.

The UK consulting industry is with an estimated size of $19.4 billion together with Germany the largest market in Europe, and from a global perspective the UK belongs to the top 5 advisory markets. Despite the sheer size of the market and the pivotal role consulting firms play in the professional services industry and even in the British economy, the UK to date lacked a central online platform that serves the wide range of requirements (marketing, recruitment, business development, market information, etc) from both within and outside the consulting industry. addresses and integrates these different information requirements into one platform, and has the ambition to grow to the #1 consulting platform for consultants, internal consultants, job seekers, students and clients of consulting firms. An overview of’s focus: Business Model

Within the professional services industry, concentrates on the management consulting industry, including all the market segments and service offerings. This is done across all industries, ranging from large sectors such as Public Sector and Financial Services to smaller industries such as Aviation and Hospitality*. Three main groups of stakeholders are served. From within the industry – focuses purely on the top of the market** – consultants are provided with the latest insights, and works together with marketing and recruitment to successfully execute a firm’s online strategy. From outside the industry several stakeholders are served: clients (news, offerings), internal consultants (professional expertise, jobs), job seekers (jobs, career tips) and students (market information, career in consulting).

Track record is based on, the leading consulting platform in The Netherlands. works with >80 tier-1 consulting firms, including the top players in strategy consulting, leading functional specialists, the main global IT consulting firms and a number of boutique firms.

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* See the section ‘Market Segments’ for the service area segmentation used by The news sectionNews per expertise’ presents an overview of the service offerings covered, while ‘News per industry’ shows the industries followed.

** The top of the market equates to approximately 15% of the total number of firms in the consulting industry. See the section ‘What is a consultant’ for more information.